ABT makes Audi RS 3 even sportier

The revised Audi RS 3 Sportback and the new RS 3 limousine have only recently been available. RS models traditionally represent the highest level of performance and equipment. Even so, ABT Sportsline, the market leader for tuning Audi and VW group vehicles, still sees room for improvement and presents the ABT RS 3 at German Essen Motor Show. Those who no longer want to wait for more power and better brakes can find special accessories from the market leader now.

With a performance of 400 HP (294 kW), the Audi RS 3 already shows very clearly what distinguishes it from a normal compact car. Already now, a first performance upgrade is available: ABT Power with 460 HP (339 kW). And thanks to the specially developed and adapted engine control unit, it comes without additional wear and fuel consumption. With ABT Suspension Springs and ABT Anti-Roll Bars, the RS 3 perfectly brings the power of the 5-cylinder in-line engine with 2.5 liters onto the road. In addition, a height adjustable suspension is already in development.

The ABT Brake Upgrade Kit, which hides behind the 19 and 20 inch rims in ABT DR, ER-C, ER-F or FR design, always stops the RS 3 precisely. For the interior, the Bavaria-based company offers different finishing upgrades in carbon and integrated entrance lights with the ABT branding, a gearshift lever badge, and the start/stop button. The rear of the Audi also gets a glossy black rear skirt set consisting of rear muffler channel and ABT Rear Muffler with two 102 mm double pipes in matte black.

And for those who want even more, ABT presents the ABT RS 3 as a complete package at the Essen Motor Show. It is currently being tuned by the motor sports professionals and will be equipped with the even more powerful performance level ABT Power R. In regards to the design, ABT Sportsline does not miss the opportunity to complement the ABT RS 3 with a number of additional aerodynamic elements and interior finishing upgrades to make it stand out. The ABT RS 3 comes with a front skirt add on, a front grille add on with RS 3 logo, the rear skirt set, and different ABT RS 3 finishing upgrades for the interior.

With an improved suspension, a brake upgrade kit and new rims, the ABT RS 3 package for Sportback and limousine refines the sporty and luxurious character of the RS 3 even more and makes the Audi model complete. This is the closest a compact car can get to motor sports.

Now available for the new Audi RS3 (Type 8V) notchback sedan!

The success story of the Audi RS3 continues, and for the first time the sportiest compact model from Audi is now also available as notchback sedan. The revised RS3 performance with 400 hp also takes into account the latest generation of the KW coilover kits. Shortly after the official sales start of the new Audi A3 series top model, the KW Variant 3 is already available. The coilover kit is independently adjustable in compression and rebound damping, further increasing the handling characteristics of the RS. In addition, it offers the possibility of a continuous lowering between 10 – 35 mm. Find out more at www.kwsuspensions.net

With a KW coilover kit it is easy to increase the handling and the driving dynamics of the new Audi RS3 notchback sedan. “With the Variant 3, we are primarily speaking to a target group that puts a great value on increased driving dynamics in combination with a continuous lowering,” says KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. With our V3 suspension, drivers get the possibility to individually adjust the dampers. “If, for example, you install different rims than the wheel- / tire combinations offered by Audi, you will be able to further customize the damper setup, in addition to the possibility of a continuous lowering”, explains Johannes Wacker.

For example, the KW coilovers allow changing of the handling and driving comfort according to the individual driving demand via an integrated rebound adjustment with 16 exact clicks. Similar to KW suspension kits for motor sport, the rebound and compression stages can be separately adjusted. “So it is easy to directly take influence on the steering response, track stability, tire grip, and handling characteristics for safe controllability at the limit. With no other coilover kit for pure road use, you have such a great scope in regards of damper adjustment.” A total of twelve clicks are available for the compression stage, for example, in order to increase the tire grip and the road connection. In case, the RS3 notchback sedan is equipped with the optional adaptive dampers, a so-called cancellation kit for the series dampers as Plug & Play solution is part of the KW coilover kit Variant 3 delivery content.

During installation, the cancellation kit is connected with a compatible plug-in connection and with exception of the electronic damper control, all Audi assistance and dynamics systems remain active. In addition to the adjustable compression and rebound damping, preconfigured high speed compression valves are also used for the Variant 3. These high speed valves with their “blow-off characteristics” open additional bypass channels when driving over ground shafts or cross-joints, so that the wheels can dive in and the tires do not lose their road holding.

This is also one of the reasons why even at maximum lowering, a KW coilover kit allows such a sporty driving comfort in comparison to other suspensions. The tested lowering range of the Audi notchback-sedan is 10 and 35 mm on both axles but due to its lower center of gravity from the factory, the adjustment range for the RS3 with a KW V3 Coilover kit installed is equivalent to lowering a standard A3 notchback sedan up to 60mm. In this YouTube video, the founder and KW CEO explains the structure of the KW valve technology:


If we consider the etymology of the word “tuning”, it makes sense to relate it with “tune” (meaning the act of becoming harmonic), but in a conceptual way, it makes more sense to relate it with “turn” (to change, in order to become). This may sound rather petty on my account and it may somewhat disregard the poetry imbued within the art, but I do find cars reflect their owners’ personality and if one considers the aesthetics only, instead of the engineering, “turning” applies to the act of transforming something, while “tuning” is more focused on an artistic approach. Having this said, people have all types of different personalities, and not all of us are artists.

The majority of people are practical, only a niche can be regarded as purely idealist. There is a bit of deviant, misfit, rebel, egocentric, even narcissistic in all drivers who inevitably end up tuning their cars. Sure, we may think the vehicle ended up being “tuned” (becoming in tune) with their owner’s personality; however, the act itself is about transformation, and that doesn’t include just the basic parts, like the ones we find in giga-pneus.pt. Replacing original parts to alter the car’s appearance is modifying; removing the vehicle from its original shell, its cocoon, and unraveling its true aspect, in such a way it may reflect the owner’s true nature. The image we wish to convey to others is often more social rather than the result of a process of self-introspection. This is the part where, in my belief, resides the pursue of harmony, because engineering – the car from within – should be a well-oiled machine; purring, but ready to roar; powerful, yet smooth; and above all with flawless performance.

Tuning, in a way, has done more for the transformation of the automobile industry, socially and culturally, than becoming in harmony with the owners’ personalities or way of life (aka individually). It can be viewed as a cultural phenomenon that surely sprung out of the drive to drive, the love for mechanics and the will to create new lines and angles for the world to behold. We may safely say countless performance improvements were found during the numerous hours spent replacing components, but in the end looks matter: we are all susceptible to fall in love at first sight and for some reason, first impressions do count.

ABT and Vossen Wheels

When two major aftermarket companies like ABT and Vossen Wheels join forces, Audi enthusiasts are in for a treat. ABT, the worldwide leading tuner for cars from Audi and VW, and Vossen Wheels, one of the trendsetting wheel brands in the industry, have teamed up to create a very special and strictly limited Audi Q7.

The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is not an ordinary luxury SUV. ABT has taken the elegant body of the Q7 and outfitted it with visually striking aerodynamic parts. The wide body package includes a front skirt, fender extensions, a rear skirt set with rear muffler and end pipes, a rear wing and door strip attachments. Additional carbon fiber parts on the front grille, front lip, the rear skirt insert and the doors have been added for an even more luxurious, yet sporty look.

All this is topped off with a very special Vossen Forged wheel set. Featuring a split five-spoke design the 10 x 22” wheel, polished with a brushed face in “Stealth Grey”, was exclusively designed for the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10. The unique rim from the Miami-based wheel manufacturer is perfectly in line with the German SUV’s bold appearance, also thanks to the ABT Level Control that lowers the car by up to 0.8 inches (20 mm).

The interior of the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 also shows its owner that it is a very special car indeed. The dashboard and door sills feature the “1/10“ badge and the seats have been highlighted with alcantara inlays and ABT logos. Selected carbon fiber upgrades for the dashboard and seat panels as well as a carbon fiber gearshift knob provide just the right amount of interior personalization.

ABT and Vossen both have a high emphasis on design that is innovative and aesthetically pleasant. The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is a collaboration effort where each distinctive styling is complementing the other.

The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is currently on display at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas until November 3rd 2017. Please visit www.abt-america.com for more info about us and our products.

ABT Power and body kit for the versatile Audi A5

It has only been 10 years since the Audi A5 was introduced. Now the second generation of the A5 and of the S5 are on the road. The engineers and designers at ABT Sportsline were impressed by the calm, elegant design of the vehicles from the outset, whether as a Sportback, Coupé or Cabriolet. This is why the ABT Development department has now created performance increases with an impressive body kit for the latest models as well. The top event are the power upgrades for the sport version – the S5. Thanks to ABT Power, the three body versions have access to 425 HP (313 kW) and 550 Nm. But ABT Sportsline also offers extra power for the various engines of the definitely not unsporty A5.

And it is not only the performance increases that are attractive. The way the body kit changes the appearance of the two trios will draw some jealous looks: “With the clear lines of its elongated, sporty body, the A5 is a perfectly designed, very individual vehicle,” Hans-Jürgen Abt explains. “Our body kit follows this as well – it underlines the sporty and the individual character of the vehicles.” All six versions receive an aggressive front spoiler and a distinctive rear skirt which integrate perfectly with the styling of the A5 and S5. The visual upgrade is completed by the respective 4-pipe rear muffler system.

ABT Power gets an impressive 20 % extra power from the 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine of the Audi S5. Of course this increase only impacts the driving pleasure and not the service life of the engine. The upgrade of the S5 is also visually discernible. A large selection of rims and complete wheels in 19 and 20 inch are available in the ABT range for Sportback, Coupé and Cabriolet models. This also includes the current highlight: the GR rim in 20 inch and either “glossy black” or “matte black”.

The ABT Sportsline catalog features a similar variety for the Audi A5 as well. ABT Sportsline offers the ABT Power performance increases for the 2.0 liter TFSI and TDI as well as for the 3.0 liter TDI with 218 HP (160 kW) in all three models and for the 3.0 liter TDI with 272 HP (200 kW), which can only be found in the Sportback and the Coupé. Different rims and complete wheels in 19 and 20 inch are also available for the models of the A5.

ABT coilover suspension springs are additionally available for the A5 and S5 Coupé and for the S5 Sportback They lower the vehicles by 15 to 40 millimeters, bringing the added power onto the road with even more precision. The adjustability allows the right setup to be implemented for any application.

P3 OEM Style Information Gauge for Audi TT Mk2

P3 UK has released details of its superbly fitting RHD OEM style gauge for all variants of the easily tuneable Audi TT Mk2. These ingenious gauges integrate perfectly into the factory vent aperture to display useful technical information, without ruining the looks of the interior.

Two versions of the gauge are available – and both use the vehicle’s existing OBD2 port and ECU control to display the desired info on the clearly legible LCD screen. The boost gauge variant displays boost levels, battery voltage and features a useful dimmer control. Great for a tuned car, or ideal for those that like to be a little more in touch with their car’s health.

Also available is the incredibly useful ‘Multi-Gauge’ variant which adds a fair few additional features into the mix. As well as the boost and voltage displays, drivers can also check their digital speed readout, their precise coolant temperatures as well as parameters like throttle position, EGT and intake temperature. With the correct module added, it can also function as a performance timer, a code reader and clearer and even an RPM/Shift light! In short, there’s not a lot this clever little gauge can’t report on! (Although you know it’s the 0-60 timer that’s going to get the most action!)

Fitting is exceptionally straight forward, with wiring being a simple ‘plug and play’ affair for easy connection.

The units are priced as follows;

TT Mk2
Boost Gauge £220.00
Multi Gauge £375.00
Vent Integration + £200.00

For more details on the P3 gauge range in the UK, please click to www.p3gauges.co.uk

Forge Motorsport 356mm 6 Pot Big Brake Kit for Audi A4 B8 Chassis

Forge Motorsport has released a superbly engineered high-performance big brake kit for all B8 chassised Audi A4 models.

Based on the well-proven 6-pot caliper kit that has been the impressive stopping force behind so many of Forge’s other BBK conversions, this stunning kit features 356 x 32mm discs to really endow the recipient car with some serious stopping power. The discs themselves are of a two-piece design featuring a precision-machined alloy bell and track-quality disc to ensure consistent stopping with zero fade.

The disc itself uses a curved groove to remove residual pad material and ‘face off’ the braking surfaces to eliminate squeal and keep pedal modulation consistent.

This is a very comprehensive kit, so naturally includes Forge braided brakes hoses, mountings and high-performance EBC fast-road/trackday pads. Everything needed is included.

Due to the immense size of this brake kit, owners may still need a spacer to effect safe caliper clearance.

This kit is suitable for A4 1.8/2.0 TFSI (B8/B8.5) and all other A4 models sharing the same hub architecture.

Priced at a very reasonable £1250.00 + VAT, it’s a great way to up your track pace, improve your safety – and enhance your car’s looks, all in one easy step.

Forge Unveils All New Oil Catch Tank Kit For Audi A4 B9

Sometimes it’s good to take a few steps back to truly appreciate how far Audi has come over the space of the last 30-odd years – it most certainly wasn’t always the high performance powerhouse it is today, and a lot of that can be laid at the foot of cars like the A4. Ingolstadt’s creations are now among the most commonly tuned machines in the UK, hence why Forge Motorsport caters for them in such a big way, including its latest release, an oil catch tank kit for the B9 generation A4.

Forge Motorsport’s line of aftermarket oil catch tank kits might not grab headlines in the manner of its blow-off valves and intercoolers, but they’re highly significant upgrades nonetheless. There are few things modern engines like less than having to deal with dirty oil deposits, unburnt fuel vapours and other potentially harmful contaminants, all of which can be recycled through the inlet and back into the engine. Forge’s new catch tank kit for the A4 has been designed to solve this problem at a stroke, with extensive testing having proven its ability to dramatically reduce sludge and carbon build up.

Reducing said harmful products, a by-product of the internal combustion process, can prolong the life of your engine and increase its efficiency, both key concerns for those running tuned, high performance motors. It can therefore be viewed as a genuine performance enhancing product and one we recommend any owner of this vehicle seriously consider, particularly if they are planning more advanced power tuning at a later date.

Being a Forge Motorsport product, both the design and makeup of the kit are beyond reproach. Based around a 04L (440cc) alloy tank, undoubtedly a Forge strong suit, the kit has a well-placed drain tap, a dipstick for fluid level inspection, and can be drained both simply and swiftly. The latter is an especially pertinent point as, let’s face it, neither you or your engine want to get too close to murky, oily engine deposits!

The hoses contained within the kit have been just as painstakingly developed, with all featuring a specially constructed inner-tube rendered in anti-static smooth fuel resistant nitrile rubber. This is paired with an outer cover made from reinforced stainless steel wire braid (a Forge specialty), specifically a partial inner braid and a full cover outer braid. These specially developed hoses work in partnership to combat both pressure expansion and vacuum collapse, and they also enable the kit itself to function within a wide range of temperatures, – 54°C to +150°C (-65°F to 300°F)

In line with many Forge offerings, the A4 kit has been developed to fit and look like an OEM component, and to this end it also comes with a comprehensive set of installation instructions.

A far more significant product than many realise, the new Forge Motorsport oil catch tank kit can play an invaluable role in ensuring the continued health of your Audi’s engine.

Contact: www.forgemotorsport.co.uk

A great athlete with gasoline in its blood: the ABT SQ5 with 425 hp and 550 Nm

The new Audi Q5 has celebrated a flawless debut in the medium-sized SUV class and as a top-end sports model the SQ5 is also able to stir up powerful emotions. What more do you need? Perhaps the ABT SQ5, which harnesses 20% more horsepower through the heightened performance of ABT Power and increases the 354 hp (260 kW) to a proud 425 hp (313 kW). The maximum torque is also boosted from 500 to 550 Nm. Anyone who has already opted for the Audi Q5 with the “small” gas engine producing 252 hp (185 kW) can, in the near future, also look forward to performance injection from ABT Sportsline. Long-distance jockeys with the economical Q5 2.0 TDI can already ride on the ABT Power wave. The control unit ABT Engine Control conjures up 215 hp (158 kW) from the diesel engine, instead of the series production 190 hp (140 kW), and a maximum of 440 Nm instead of 400 Nm.

So much performance should also be reflected in the bodywork. Therefore, ABT has already developed a suitable body kit with a steely exterior, which has been tailor-made specifically for the SQ5 and will be available soon. Attractive alloy wheels from ABT Sportsline naturally also add to the sporty and dynamic appearance of the new Audi Q5. The Bavarian company recommends the models DR, ER-C, FR and GR in 20 and 21 inches for the SQ5. The individual variants differ not only in geometry, but also in the available finishes. The spectrum ranges from mystic black to Gun-Metal and glossy black through to matte black. Individual parts are also diamond machined on different rims and form attractive contrasting points.

“In the end, however, driving passion in the ABT SQ5 means much more than the sum of its parts,” says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt: “Ultimately everyone has to experience this for themselves – and thanks to ABT and its numerous partners they can already do this today.”

ABT gets impressive 510 HP in the Audi RS5

That was close: With a little help from ABT Sportsline the Audi S5 already reaches 425 HP (313 kW) which is dangerously close to the level of its big brother RS5 which has only 25 HP more ex works. But CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt will set matters straight with a new performance package which increases the power of the RS5: “By means of our ABT Power control unit, the V6 twin turbo engine is able to generate 510 HP (375 kW). The 680 Nm maximum torque feels like a hammer in the small of your back.”

In its base version the current Audi RS5 with its 450 PS (331 kW) does not have more HP than its predecessor with the high-revving V8 engine. The new V6 twin turbo engine, however, is clearly superior in terms of torque already ex works: 600 Nm compared to formerly 430 Nm. In addition to the 60 HP increase, ABT has also increased the torque by another 80 Nm. Anyone who is familiar with ABT Sportsline, knows that somewhere in the “hallowed halls of speed” in Kempten, an even more powerful and limited RS5 model is being developed, too.

The existing range of attractive 20 inch alloy wheels already displays perfect harmony. Depending on the model, those rims are available in many shades of black, ranging from mystic black over black magic and glossy black to matt black. Sometimes a diamond-machined finish is also used on contrast surfaces. Currently available are the designs DR, FR and GR, as well as the exclusively forged wheel ER-F. All rims can also be purchased from ABT Sportsline as complete wheel sets, either with Dunlop or Continental tires.

And for those who want to counter black with some light, the cool integrated entrance light is available which uses LEDs to project the ABT Logo onto the ground.