Milltek Sport Bolsters Classic Range With Performance Exhaust System For Audi UR Quattro

Very few cars can claim to have had quite as much of an impact on the world of motorsport as the Audi UR (A1/A2) Quattro. This four-wheel drive monster effectively rendered the likes of the Ford Escort and Fiat 131 Abarth obsolete overnight, and it’s all but impossible to see an image of the Quattro without subconsciously hearing the its five-pot bark! Well aware of the UR Quattro’s place in the collective hearts of the performance car community, Milltek Sport has only now taken the wraps of its latest offering, a bespoke exhaust designed for both 10 and 20v variants of Audi’s ’80s WRC monster. It promises to be a must-fit part for anyone lucky enough to own one of these iconic beasts.

Milltek Sport are well placed to design and develop a performance exhaust system for a car of the calibre of the UR Quattro, primarily as they’re considered to be one of the world’s finest exponents of the art! They also developed a system for this very model way back in the early ’90s and could therefore call on some period blueprints to help guide their initial designs, though this didn’t prevent the Milltek team from putting their money where their mouth is in a very real sense – they went out and bought a Quattro of their own, a 1988 car with the later 2.2 10v MB engine.

Car purchased, Milltek wasted little time in commencing an exhaustive development process, one which effectively saw its early ’90s system re-worked and re-imagined for the 21st century. Evidence of this can be seen in its stunning construction with type-304 aircraft grade steel used throughout, not to mention the kind of welding which can only truly be described as a work of art. Further clues as to the amount of modern thinking utilised in the creation of the system can be found in the pipework itself, with each and every bend having been created using Milltek’s state of the art, hi-flow mandrel bending machine. This in turn has imbued the exhaust with superb gas flow properties.

One of Milltek’s calling cards has long been its unwillingness to leave factory faults and imperfections well alone, hence why its Quattro exhaust sports a modified rear mounting point. This has been shown dramatically reduce movement of the rear silencer when cornering, not to mention revised routing of the pipework over the axle to ensure no exhaust-to-body contact can be made. Milltek’s latest offering has been designed to fit all variants of UR Quattro, which in practice means it bolts right up to the 2.1 and 2.2 10v cars, and (with a slightly revised front adaptor pipe) the more potent 20v versions.

The Milltek system’s construction credentials are beyond reproach then, but so too is its performance potential – only fitting on a car like the Quattro. Extensive dyno testing of Milltek’s own demo car has shown impressive power gains, not to mention hikes in torque throughout the rev range, and all achieved without in any way detracting from the Quattro’s innate character. The infamous five-pot’s noise, a mix between a brooding grumble and a menacing howl, has also been subtly enhanced, making it all the better for those B-road blasts spent pretending to be Walter Röhrl.

Quattro owners considering the Milltek Sport exhaust system have one further decision to make, which tail pipe they’d like to run; polished or Cerakote black, the latter a suitably menacing shade which suits the UR perfectly.

Milltek Sport’s latest offering is a fitting addition to the Classic range, and also a part which manages to combine two traditionally very hard to reconcile ideals – OEM looks with modern performance and thinking. Put simply, Quattros with it installed will retain every last shred of their factory character, yet will sound and perform noticeably better. Vorsprung durch Technik indeed!

Price: From £671.84 + VAT (Downpipe back)

·Fits both the 2.1 and 2.2 10V engines as well as all 20V models
·Choice of Polished or Cerakote Black Tips
·Type-304 aircraft-grade stainless steel
·Hi-flow mandrel-bent pipework
·Gas-flow tested to ensure maximum performance throughout the rev-range
·Lifetime guarantee*

·Front pipe (inc. loose flange)
·Centre silencer
·Rear silencer
·2 x polished stainless steel or Cerakote black tips
·1×66.5mm stainless steel band clamp
·3 x M10 60mm bolts, washers and nuts
·Requires 4 holes to be drilled into the boot floor to allow fitment of the new Milltek Classic silencer hangers
·Fitting instructions


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