Vagbremtechnic conversion Kit for Audi TTRS/RS3 Calipers

The last few years have seen the braking capabilities of premium and performance cars well and truly explode, with many OEMs opting to install the kind of caliper and disc arrangements that a few short years ago would’ve been the sole preserve of fully paid up competition cars. This rings especially true of the VAGroup, and the proliferation of advanced, multi-piston calipers from the upper echelons of its range has inspired Vagbremtechnic, one of the most highly regarded VW Group braking specialists, to devise a series of adaption kits to make their fitment to more mainstream cars swifter and simpler.

Vagbremtechnic’s most popular front caliper adaption kit is also one of its most versatile, and it enables owners of an impressive array of mass market VAG models to install the highly regarded four piston Brembo calipers fitted as standard to the Audi TTRS (8J) and Audi RS3 (8P), at a stroke vastly improving stopping performance. Designed to enable the fitment of said calipers to OE 340mm or 345mm discs, Vagbremtechnic’s front caliper carrier kit contains everything needed for a hassle free installation process, namely a pair of exquisitely machined caliper carriers, braided front brake lines, four caliper-carrier bolts and four springs washers.


The design of the caliper carriers is worth looking into in greater detail, with their lightweight aluminium construction being a particular plus point. Weight was an area of particular concern for Vagbremtechnic, the firm well aware of the negative implications of bolting on added outboard mass. Lightweight hasn’t come at the expense of strength though, and evidence of this can be seen in the steel thread inserts on each, plus the high tensile M12×1.25 bolts and custom specification HEL Performance braided brake lines.

There’s a lot to be said for opting to fit the OE Brembos that Audi itself opted to install on its cars as standard, not least the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re plumping for a highly developed product from one of the world’s best known and most highly regarded stopping specialists. Better still, the four piston Brembo calipers found on the TTRS and RS3 have been proven to be highly capable bits of kit, able to haul even the hardest charging of cars to a halt in no time, and with the minimum of fuss.


The modular nature of the Vagbremtechnic range (and the manner in which VAG designs its cars) means that this caliper adaption kit can be fitted a wide variety of VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi models, providing their disc size is either 340mm or 345mm in diameter. Vagbremtechnic is happy to advise and to supply the other component parts needed to form a complete, uprated brake system (full details of which can be found below), including an array of high performance brake pads and suitably sized discs.

Though a relative newcomer to this fiercely competitive and constantly evolving industry, Vagbremtechnic has wasted little time in carving out an enviable reputation for engineering excellence and quality control. A firm commitment to ensuring that each and every one of its customers receives the brake kit that best suits their needs, coupled with an exhaustive knowledge of the myriad permutations and setups possible using VAG hardware, has only served to bolster Vagbremtechnic’s standing. It’s now able to supply an impressive range of advanced braking options for all manner of VAG models, including a line of caliper adaption kits for some of the most powerful and accomplished performance cars around.

The Vagbremtechnic caliper adaption kit for the Audi TTRS and RS3 has been a massively popular product, and one which has the potential to complete transform the braking capabilities of any VAG car it’s fitted to. The full list of parts included in the kit is below, as is the lineup of components required to make a complete, functioning brake setup.

Price: £260.00 inc VAT AK0003

Included in the kit:
2x Caliper carriers
1x Braided front brake lines
4x Caliper to carrier bolts
4x Spring washers for caliper to carrier bolts

Parts required to complete front brake kit:
2x TTRS/RS3 4 Piston Calipers (Part No’s: 8J0615107B / 8J0615108B)
2x 340/345mm front brake discs (Part No: 8J0615301G or 1K0615301M or our own J Hooked discs 8J34030-GA or 1K34530-GA)
1x Set of brake pads to suit your driving style
Brake fluid to flush system when installing


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