ABT Power and body kit for the versatile Audi A5

It has only been 10 years since the Audi A5 was introduced. Now the second generation of the A5 and of the S5 are on the road. The engineers and designers at ABT Sportsline were impressed by the calm, elegant design of the vehicles from the outset, whether as a Sportback, Coupé or Cabriolet. This is why the ABT Development department has now created performance increases with an impressive body kit for the latest models as well. The top event are the power upgrades for the sport version – the S5. Thanks to ABT Power, the three body versions have access to 425 HP (313 kW) and 550 Nm. But ABT Sportsline also offers extra power for the various engines of the definitely not unsporty A5.

And it is not only the performance increases that are attractive. The way the body kit changes the appearance of the two trios will draw some jealous looks: “With the clear lines of its elongated, sporty body, the A5 is a perfectly designed, very individual vehicle,” Hans-Jürgen Abt explains. “Our body kit follows this as well – it underlines the sporty and the individual character of the vehicles.” All six versions receive an aggressive front spoiler and a distinctive rear skirt which integrate perfectly with the styling of the A5 and S5. The visual upgrade is completed by the respective 4-pipe rear muffler system.

ABT Power gets an impressive 20 % extra power from the 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine of the Audi S5. Of course this increase only impacts the driving pleasure and not the service life of the engine. The upgrade of the S5 is also visually discernible. A large selection of rims and complete wheels in 19 and 20 inch are available in the ABT range for Sportback, Coupé and Cabriolet models. This also includes the current highlight: the GR rim in 20 inch and either “glossy black” or “matte black”.

The ABT Sportsline catalog features a similar variety for the Audi A5 as well. ABT Sportsline offers the ABT Power performance increases for the 2.0 liter TFSI and TDI as well as for the 3.0 liter TDI with 218 HP (160 kW) in all three models and for the 3.0 liter TDI with 272 HP (200 kW), which can only be found in the Sportback and the Coupé. Different rims and complete wheels in 19 and 20 inch are also available for the models of the A5.

ABT coilover suspension springs are additionally available for the A5 and S5 Coupé and for the S5 Sportback They lower the vehicles by 15 to 40 millimeters, bringing the added power onto the road with even more precision. The adjustability allows the right setup to be implemented for any application.

ABT gets impressive 510 HP in the Audi RS5

That was close: With a little help from ABT Sportsline the Audi S5 already reaches 425 HP (313 kW) which is dangerously close to the level of its big brother RS5 which has only 25 HP more ex works. But CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt will set matters straight with a new performance package which increases the power of the RS5: “By means of our ABT Power control unit, the V6 twin turbo engine is able to generate 510 HP (375 kW). The 680 Nm maximum torque feels like a hammer in the small of your back.”

In its base version the current Audi RS5 with its 450 PS (331 kW) does not have more HP than its predecessor with the high-revving V8 engine. The new V6 twin turbo engine, however, is clearly superior in terms of torque already ex works: 600 Nm compared to formerly 430 Nm. In addition to the 60 HP increase, ABT has also increased the torque by another 80 Nm. Anyone who is familiar with ABT Sportsline, knows that somewhere in the “hallowed halls of speed” in Kempten, an even more powerful and limited RS5 model is being developed, too.

The existing range of attractive 20 inch alloy wheels already displays perfect harmony. Depending on the model, those rims are available in many shades of black, ranging from mystic black over black magic and glossy black to matt black. Sometimes a diamond-machined finish is also used on contrast surfaces. Currently available are the designs DR, FR and GR, as well as the exclusively forged wheel ER-F. All rims can also be purchased from ABT Sportsline as complete wheel sets, either with Dunlop or Continental tires.

And for those who want to counter black with some light, the cool integrated entrance light is available which uses LEDs to project the ABT Logo onto the ground.

ABT pushes Audi S5 Cabriolet to 425 HP and 550 Nm

Cruise ships are popular. After all, you can relax in the sun on deck while the nicest travel destinations in the world just seem to float by – even though in reality it’s actually the other way round. Anyone who prefers a more active role, should drive a fast convertible, such as the new Audi S5. Four fast “deck chairs” invite you to cruise. The engine room has 354 HP (260 kW) and the maximum torque is 500 Nm. Hans-Jürgen Abt, captain of the tuning company bearing his name in Bavaria, can provide even more thrust if required.

Thanks to ABT Power “New Generation” with a specially developed control unit, the currently fastest model of the A5 convertible has received a 20 % power boost to reach 425 HP (313 kW) and a maximum torque of 550 Nm. “Overall, the performance is now very close to the Audi RS5, which is currently only available as a coupe,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt. Extensive testing and developing, as well as comprehensive warranties, protect the owner from experiencing shipwreck.

While boat owners might use tires as a common replacement for fenders to protect their vessel from being damaged in the harbor, the high performance tires on the Audi S5 become real works of art thanks to ABT. And the customers have a selection of four different alloy wheels. The DR and ER-C designs are available as 19 or 20 inch rims and the FR and GR designs are available in 20 inch. Depending on the model selected, a variety of finishes is available: from mystic black to Gun-metal and silverbullet all the way up to matt black and glossy black. Several designs also have a diamond-machined finish on some surfaces. All the stated models can also be purchased at ABT Sportsline as complete wheel sets, either with Dunlop or Continental tires.

To give the captain’s cabin an exclusive look, ABT Sportsline also offers integrated entrance lights, which project the ABT logo onto the ground via LEDs. Special floor mats and valve caps complete the picture and show that nothing has been left to chance. Those with an even more exclusive taste can contact the ABT Individual crew who are able to fulfill almost any special request.

The ABT specialists are also currently working on the aerodynamics. In just a few weeks the Audi S5 will look even sleeker. Those interested can now register for this attractive package on the company’s website. As soon as the aerodynamics package is available, it can be retrofitted quickly at ABT Sportsline or at one of the countless ABT agencies in more than 60 countries worldwide. The only thing that ABT doesn’t have in its range is a matching figurehead.

ABT boosts the A5 cabriolet to reach up to 330 HP

The word cabriolet originates from French and in its broadest possible sense means to do a jump in the air. And the new Audi A5 cabriolet will do a real jump in terms of power after a visit to ABT Sportsline based in Bavaria. A specially developed control unit enables the ABT Power ‘New Generation’ to increase the performance of the elegant convertible with its 2.0 TFSI engine to reach 330 HP (243 kW). Compared to the series 252 HP (185 kW), this equates to an increase of more than 30 percent and is almost on a par with the S5 and its significantly higher displacement. At the same time, the maximum torque for the 2.0 TFSI has soared from 370 to 440 Nm. However, diesel fans do not need to feel left out. “We also have a performance package for the diesel engines with two and three liter displacement”, says Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Abt.

The smaller of the two diesel engines is available as standard with only 190 HP (140 kW), but this can be tuned to reach 215 HP (158 kW). The maximum torque is boosted too from 400 to 440 Nm and as a result matches the level of the petrol engine after enhancing its power by ABT. The three liter diesel engine ‘tweaked’ by the world’s largest VW and Audi tuner has even more grunt reaching a staggering maximum torque of 450 Nm, with the standard version peaking at only 400 Nm. The difference in HP is even greater by contrast with the ‘smaller brother’, the 2.0 TDI. ABT transforms the 3.0 TDI from having an output of 218 HP (160 kW) to an impressive 250 horsepower (184 kW).

Hans-Jürgen Abt’s team is crafting an aerodynamics package for the A5 cabriolet to match the powerful engines at the moment. “So that the waiting time does not drag on, our product range already offers attractive alloy wheels, so that the summer can be enjoyed with all the benefits a convertible has to offer”, explains Abt. Currently, customers can choose between DR and ER-C rim designs, available in 19 and 20 inch, as well as FR and GR as a 20-inch version. Depending on the model selected, a variety of finishes are available: from mystic black to
Gun-metal and silverbullet all the way up to matt black and glossy black. Several designs also have a diamond machined finish on part of the surfaces.

The alloy wheels listed are available as complete wheel sets with the matching high-performance tires as an option. And as the high-end rubber from Dunlop and Continental is much too good to nonchalantly leave a stamp on the asphalt, this job is filled by the integrated entrance light available as an optional extra: This subtly projects the ABT logo on to the ground when entering and exiting the vehicle by means of LEDs. The only thing to make happiness complete are the ABT floor mats available in velour.

Liberty Walk Announces Brand New Body Conversion Range For Audi A5/S5

Liberty Walk UK has announced full details and pricing of its aggressively styled bodykit for the ever popular Audi A5, a subtle looking car that can be made into a stand-out, attention-stealing machine via the careful application of the firm’s infamous bodykits. The undisputed masters in the field of extreme automotive styling, Liberty Walk’s latest creation is one of its most effective yet, and promises to transform the overall look of the already impressive looking Autobahnstormer.

Liberty walk a5

While there’s simply no doubting that the current Audi A5 is one of the best looking and best driving cars in its class, its sheer popularity does present those owners who desire individuality with something of a dilemma; how to stand out from the massed ranks of largely identical machines!

Liberty walk a5

Liberty Walk has the perfect answer in the form of its all new Audi A5/S5 bodykit. As you might expect of a firm that’s built its reputation on raw aggression and over the top styling, the new kit is not for the faint hearted! Available in two distinct forms designed to make the kit accessible to as many people as possible, Liberty Walk’s A5/S5 kit can be specified in either glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The kit features arches, boot spoiler, and front, rear and side diffusers, with the latter four components actually available separately from the complete bodykit if the customer prefers, giving scope for them to create a truly unique looking Audi.

Liberty walk a5

The extreme nature of the Liberty Walk A5 kit and the work required to fit it means that Liberty Walk’s latest creation can be fitted to all specifications of A5, from the humblest of base spec machines, right up to the potent, Porsche-bothering S5 variant.

Liberty walk a5

Both the GRP and carbon reinforced versions of the kit embody all that’s great and good about Liberty Walk, and both have been painstakingly developed to fit the big Audi precisely, accentuating its arches and aggressive styling traits. The complex design process employed in the creation of all Liberty Walk products ensures that fitment should be a straightforward affair for any trained bodyshop, while the end result is all but guaranteed to stop traffic and draw admiring glances left right and centre, particularly when paired with AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension.

Liberty Walk UK has these kits available from stock for immediate delivery.

Liberty Walk A5

LB Works complete body kit – LB03-10 – £6,530.00
LB Front diffuser – £769.20
LB Side diffuser – £1,000.00
LB Rear diffuser – £1,070.00
LB Rear wing – £615.00

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Kit
LB Works complete body kit – £8,460.00
LB Front diffuser – £1,300.00
LB Side diffuser – £1,460.00
LB Rear diffuser – £1,530.00
LB Rear wing – £1,070.00

AiREXX Digital Air Suspension – Audi A5/S5 (09-) AirREX-AI0 13 – £5,950.00

For more information on Liberty Walk UK products, please click to www.libertywalk-eu.com

Neidfaktor Audi A5 custom interior

Neidfaktor presented another great project from one of their customers. The project was based on the Audi A5 with a completely refined interior and it was “The Twisted Seams Project”. For this bespoke interior it was used mainly leather and Alcantara.

Neidfaktor A5 audi interior

Neidfaktor make their customer dreams come true, implementing their customer’s desires, with the help of their expertise. They truly take the cars to another level, beyond the point where many manufacturers reach their limits and where the desire for individuality has to make way for the taste of the majority.

Neidfaktor A5 interior

For this project nearly every single panel in this A5 has been upgraded in one way, shape or form. And from the looks of things, it works quite well, showcasing what the firm is capable of given the right budget.

NNeidfaktor Audi A5

Here are some more pictures of the Neidfaktor Audi A5 where you can confirm Neidfaktor’s know-how.

For more details on the company visit their website: Neidfaktor.com