Cor.Speed Deville for the Audi A8

With its sleek lines and bold single-frame grill, the Audi A8 (4H) already looks imposing, but the finishing touch, as shown here, is a smart set of 22-inch wheels.

The wheels on this car are the classic ten-spoke Cor.Speed Deville 10.5×22-inch design in the classic Finish Silver Brushed Surface, shod with 265/30ZR22 tyres. This combination fills the A8’s big arches perfectly thanks to a set of 10 mm spacers. No bodywork changes are required.

More information on the entire Cor.Speed Performance Wheels programme is available from:

The ABT S8 Plus – a premium car with up to 735 hp and 920 Nm

The Audi S8 is unobtrusively elegant and luxurious: a car for particular people who also want to be sporty, especially if it has been enhanced by ABT Sportsline. After all this Bavarian company has turned it into a super sports car that, as CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt puts it, “retains all the unique characteristics of a premium car“.


At the top, we currently have the ABT S8, based upon the Audi plus model, whose 4.0 TFSI engine, thanks to ABT POWER S, now shows 735 hp or 541 kW instead of 605 hp (445 kW). Torque is now rated 920 Nm, up from 700. The elegant limo has thus been promoted to a league usually reserved to super sports cars. And Vmax is now an electronically throttled 320 kph. But the other versions of the 4.0 bi-turbo engine also got more ABT POWER: the 520 hp (382 kW) engine is now rated 675 or 640 hp (496/471 kW) and 840 or 780 Nm, up from 650. The “ABT POWERed” 605 hp (445 kW) S8 plus now shows 705 hp (519 kW), with a torque of 840 Nm (production car: 650 Nm).


To make this large car handle better and sporty too, the chassis features the innovative
ABT Level Control System. Needless to say that the electronic lower suspension setting of up to 20mm, front and rear, can be geared to what you want. And to let the ABT S8 Plus sound good as well and optimise its power, it features the stainless-steel ABT exhaust system. Its four-pipe look (ø89mm each) renders this premium super sports car among premium limos very assertive, also with the right fender inserts and integrated door entrance lights with the ABT logos. If you want to let it sound even more dynamic, also use a new pre-silencer pipe (no EC approval).


The balanced design of the ABT S8 is completed by ABT’s weight-reduced sport-type wheels. These are available as DR and FRs in 20 and 21’’, with the extravagant FR also in 22’’. It goes without saying that the wheels are also available with the right high-performance Dunlop or Continental tires, which will enable you to take this ABT POWER limo to the limit…

Moshammer Audi A8 S8 bodykit

This is not a new release, but we hadn’t feature the Moshammer bodykit for the Audi A8 before. Berlin based tuner Moshammer has combined precision German engineering with automotive styling. Their packages include everything to transform your vehicles aggressive and elegant looks down to the wheels, aero, suspension and exhaust tips.

audi a8 moshammer

The Audi A8 that we show here is equipped with a bodykit that includes a front bumper with spoiler lip, front fenders with air vents, front hood air vents, rear diffuser, rear trunk spoiler lipe and side skirts. The front bumper is inspired on the RS versions and the rear diffusor allows to use the factory RS7 tailpipes.

audi a8-moshammer wheels

This specific car was lowered 60mm using an electronic lowering module. The deep concave 5 spoke wheels are sized 10.5×21’’.


Since this is a Audi A8 4.2 TDI the sound produced by the exhaust is not impressive. So they used the Moshammer sound module that can emulate the sound of a V8, V10 or V12 engine. You can hear the sound produced in the video below.

For more information contact Manufaktur Moshammer

MTM S8 Talladega R

MTM will present a remarkable 802hp MTM S8 Talladega R at the Geneva Motor Show. “The Geneva Motor Show is all about Springtime – if not in the meteorological sense, then certainly for the Automobile world”. For Roland Mayer, CEO of the Wettstetten-based MTM GmbH and master-mind of the development of the powerful models from this tuning house, the Geneva Salon is amongst the most important of its kind. He explains that, “After the winter lull, people are keen to flashes of spring sunlight and innovative ideas”.

Audi MTM S8 Talladega R

Well-disguised in a camouflage design, but still strutting its stuff, is the MTM S8 Talladega R, a luxury limousine with a predisposition for breaking records. Following a typically intensive rework by MTM, the 4.0 twin-turbo 8-cylinder now develops 802 hp (590 kW) at 6,000 rpm. 945 Nm of torque – developed almost linearly between 2,250 and 5,500 rpm – is transmitted with explosive force to the road surface via quattro drive system. From rest to 100 km/h takes a mere 3.1 seconds, to 200 km/h in less than 10 seconds, and to 300 km/h in under 29 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/h.

MTM S8 Talladega R

The full-sized carbon-ceramic brakes lurking behind the 22″ Bimoto alloys, shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/30 ZR 22 tyres, offer commensurate retardation.

Other modifications include an aerodynamic package to improve high-speed stability and a tastefully upgraded interior. With an ex-works price of €124,000 for the standard S8, the Talladega S8 would probably cost around €200,000 depending on the extent of the modifications – and that would include fitting, warranty and taxes.

According to Walter Röhrl, “the handling is superb” – “throttle response is fantastic!” – “power delivery is both outstanding and developed evenly”.

New Style for Audi A8 4E from JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH

JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH has announced their latest project based A8 4E. The premium A8 version comes with styling and performance ugprades.

audi A8 tuning jms

The exterior mods consist of a new front lip spoiler mounted into the existing bumper, side skirts, rear apron and small decklid spoiler. There is also a set of big wide wheels in 9J x 20” with performance tires – 255/35 ZR20.

Audi A8 jms

Other highlights include an adjustable KW DLC suspension that reduces the ride height by 45mm at the front and 35mm at the rear.


The customers can also order sports exhaust systems, ECU re-map and a “speedpedal” that adjusts the characteristics of the throttle response. There are upgrades for all engines in the range.

JMS Audi A8

Jms offers this programm for long and short wheelbase, also for before and after minor change. All components are TUV approved and made in Germany

MTM S8 Talladega

“Typically only those with a past have a future!” is the justification adduced by Roland Mayer, Managing Director of MTM GmbH in Wettstetten, for the name of the latest exemplar of MTM’s engineering prowess, the S8 Talladega. A powerful, even imposing, looker when its trim figure appears in a parking space, sporty and superior, its eight cylinders delivering respectively 760 hp, or 559 kW , at 5950 rpm. The maximum torque of 945 Nm is experienced between 1700 and 5500 rpm, stable over the entire range and everyone experiencing the delights of this grandiose outpouring of power is thankful for it being applied to the road through all four wheels.

MTM - Motoren Technik Mayer Audi S8

Audi engineers also exploited this advantage on 24 March 1986, when they unleashed an Audi 5000 CS Turbo on the Talladega Speedway in Alabama in pursuit of a record. The US model, better known here as the Audi 200 Turbo, was driven by a 2.2 litre, 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with five valves per cylinder and power output of 650 hp. The prize: the Audi averaged a speed of 332 km/h around the oval track. It made it through the longest straight at a top speed of 350 km/h.


The new MTM S8 Talladega’s raison d’etre is not to break this record. It exists instead to bestow on 25 chosen individuals and 25 years after the company was founded the particularly sublime feeling of superior mobility. And to do so in an ambiance harmoniously combining elegance and power to the smallest detail of luxurious ingredients. That it is also fast on its feet in the company’s accustomed manner is ensured by the best and at the same time proven ingredients: The power unit is based on the RS6’s eight cylinder engine, pepped up with modifications to turbochargers, exhaust system and water cooling. The MTM team has also intervened in the gearbox software to set the shifting points at 7000 rpm. The current values speak volumes: the MTM S8 Talladega blasts from nought to 100 km/h in 3.48 seconds, passing the 200 km/h mark in 10.51 seconds and reaching its top speed at 325 km/h. The speed is then limited out of consideration for the road-legal tyres. Carbon and ceramic brakes on the front and rear axles ensure appropriate deceleration at any speed. “Configured for fast laps on the Nardo Ring, exceeding 350 km/h would be no problem”, says Roland Mayer, spelling out the superior potential of the MTM S8 Talladega.

MTM - Motoren Technik Mayer Audi S8

Audi’s 520 hp series production S8 variant sells for 115,000 Euro. However, MTM’s 240 hp of additional power comes with hardware and software costs: the MTM M-Cantronic + V-Cantronic incl. turbocharger, MTM 4-pipe stainless steel exhaust system after the turbocharger with flaps in 2 pipes costs around 35,000 Euro for the S8, the in-house manufactured F-Cantronic II used to lower the air-sprung chassis is yours for approximately 2,200 Euro. A set of wheels, 21′ Bimoto shod with 295/30 Michelin Pilot Super Sports costs 6,300 Euro and the in-house developed aerodynamics kit, attractive, effective and with a high carbon content, costs 15,000 Euro. The premium quality interior package will set you back another thousand. Altogether, this fine specimen will cost 189,708 Euro, including inheritance tax.