ABT and Vossen Wheels

When two major aftermarket companies like ABT and Vossen Wheels join forces, Audi enthusiasts are in for a treat. ABT, the worldwide leading tuner for cars from Audi and VW, and Vossen Wheels, one of the trendsetting wheel brands in the industry, have teamed up to create a very special and strictly limited Audi Q7.

The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is not an ordinary luxury SUV. ABT has taken the elegant body of the Q7 and outfitted it with visually striking aerodynamic parts. The wide body package includes a front skirt, fender extensions, a rear skirt set with rear muffler and end pipes, a rear wing and door strip attachments. Additional carbon fiber parts on the front grille, front lip, the rear skirt insert and the doors have been added for an even more luxurious, yet sporty look.

All this is topped off with a very special Vossen Forged wheel set. Featuring a split five-spoke design the 10 x 22” wheel, polished with a brushed face in “Stealth Grey”, was exclusively designed for the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10. The unique rim from the Miami-based wheel manufacturer is perfectly in line with the German SUV’s bold appearance, also thanks to the ABT Level Control that lowers the car by up to 0.8 inches (20 mm).

The interior of the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 also shows its owner that it is a very special car indeed. The dashboard and door sills feature the “1/10“ badge and the seats have been highlighted with alcantara inlays and ABT logos. Selected carbon fiber upgrades for the dashboard and seat panels as well as a carbon fiber gearshift knob provide just the right amount of interior personalization.

ABT and Vossen both have a high emphasis on design that is innovative and aesthetically pleasant. The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is a collaboration effort where each distinctive styling is complementing the other.

The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is currently on display at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas until November 3rd 2017. Please visit www.abt-america.com for more info about us and our products.

the new ABT SQ7 with 520 hp and 970 Nm

When ABT Sportsline started to enhance large SUVs like the VW Touareg and Audi Q7 it also started a real success story. After all, the premium SUVs ABT calls “very racy” are indeed racers. And the new Audi SQ7 is also a potential champion, with its unique “ingredients”. Its power has been raised from 435 hp (320 kW) to no less than 520 hp (382 kW). With the 4.0l turbo diesel’s torque raised from 900 Nm to 970 Nm, it has become a veritable draught horse. And on the fast lane you can notice its power when this up to 2.5t-heacy car reaches 100 kph in 4.6 seconds, enough to show the odd sports car who’s king.


The new ABT SQ7 is a special car, meeting all the highest standards applied to dynamics, agility, sportiness and comfort. He is really the king among the big ones right now, for its power, chassis and looks are perfectly balanced, but what about its sound? Thanks to the ABT Sound Control, this soft diesel becomes a sonorous racer. And if you choose both the uprating and sound optimisation, this package will save you a few euros, too.


The SQ7 reveals the enormous ABT POWER in an impressive fashion, also because of the ABT Level Control. On both the front and rear axles, the CoG can be lowered by about 20mm, which will make the car corner extremely well. Above 70 kph, it will rise to the level set by the owner. This allows both comfortable cruises and sportiness.


And the SQ7 is, of course, also available with extravagant sport-type wheels. The DR and FR come in 22’’. Needless to say that the wheels can also be bought in combination with Dunlop or Continental high-performance tyres, convenient also with +30mm wheel spacers. The 295/35 R22 tires are perfect for the ABT SQ7’s weight and power. And in combination with the fender inserts made of carbon or ABS they look assertive, huge and elegant.


OffRoad Tires for the Audi Q7- Diamonds in the Rough

For use on the road, as well as for off-road trips, beyond streets, SUVs like the Audi Q7 are a prime choice. But standard tire sets and factory-mounted rims quickly reach their limits when going off road, and soon enough the profile supports no more traction, while the rims are threatened by damage from contact with the terrain.

That’s why the Southern German Tuning Service delta4x4 has developed a full service tire that optimizes the Audi Q7’s performance, equally on paved roads, as well as off road. The set consists of four Discoverer AT3 tires by Cooper on KlassikB aluminum rims with bolted ring that can be replaced if damage occurs. Nothing can stand in the way of the Off-Road ambitions of the Audi Family SUV. The 18 x 8.5 inch KlassikB aluminum rims are made by employing a low pressure casting process; delta4x4 makes sure in their own shop that they are weight-optimized in order to support delta4x4’s objective of building the most durable rims at the lowest possible weight. The18x8.5 Inch delta Klassik or KlassikB conversion-set of aluminum rims with the OffRoad/Street Cooper All-Around Tire AT3 is available starting at 2,900 Euro. The Off-Road aluminum wheel is available in “high polish” or “matt black” finish, the bolted ring for the rim can be replaced for 25 Euro, if it is damaged by contact with the curb.

At their facilities delta4x4 uses optimized technology to forge and process rims to support delta’s goal of building aluminum rims of the highest durability and lowest weight.

More Information on Wheel for the Audi Q7 by delta4x4 is available to download on the internet page www.delta4x4.com under Products/Audi Q7.

JE DESIGN Audi Q7 4M S-Line widebody

JE DESIGN is floating on a wave of success – and is completely in vogue with its bold widebody styles. After the specialists from Leingarten caused a sensation with widebody solutions for large SUV models from Volkswagen, they’ve now tackled a particularly large chunk from Audi: the brand-new SQ7 and Q7 S-line, introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show. Available immediately, JE DESIGN is offering a complete body kit, red-hot wheel sets and a hefty increase in performance for the Ingolstadt heavyweight.


The widebody styling kit, specially designed for the Q7 4M (from 2015 on), adds considerable emphasis to the already massive, innately design language of the largest Audi SUV, thus ensuring a unique and spectacular appearance on the road. The “Widebody” aerodynamic kit consists of a front apron, fender extensions, side skirts, rear skirt insert, roof spoiler and rear spoiler lip.. The components fit the 435 hp/320 kW-strong Audi SQ7 as well as all Q7 versions with the S-Line exterior.

In addition, customers at JE DESIGN who drive a Q7 S-line can choose between two possible tailpipe variants and decide on either the quadrangular version (dimensions 105 x 85 mm) or optionally select the round version with 100 millimeters in diameter. Both versions are designed as dual tailpipes with a duplex arrangement. For towing applications, the Q7 remains ideal: The original trailer hitch can also be used with widebody kit.


In order to adequately fill the space in the wheel houses caused by the fender extensions, JE DESIGN offers matching complete wheel sets. These measure 10 x 22 inches including tires in the dimension 295/30 R22 and special adapter spacers..

Thus, the refiner from Swabia impressively underlines the powerful and elegant attitude of the broad-shouldered luxury SUV. This will be sure to capture astonished glances from other drivers on the road.

Of course, the Leingarteners match the inner values to the powerful exterior of the Q7 widebody. A performance enhancement to 522 hp/384 kW is already in preparation for the V8 Tri-Turbo TDI in the sporty SQ7. In addition, JE DESIGN offers a performance enhancement for the 3.0-liter TDI. Thanks to the additional unit, the diesel six-cylinder manages 326 hp/240 kW and 685 Nm of torque. With the production model, the values are 272 hp/200 kW and 600 Nm. This represents an increase of 54 hp and 85 Nm. JE DESIGN offers the performance enhancement including a two-year warranty on engine, driveline and transmission (after initial registration).

Audi Q7 Quattro 3.0 Diesel – Wide Track by A.Kahn Design

A. Kahn Design’s formula of club-class quality and high-tech engineering infuses a rapid dose of glamour to the lives of discerning customers.

Exuding craftsmanship that knows no match in this sector, the carbon black Audi Q7 Quattro 3.0 Diesel Wide Track instantaneously expresses exceptional design language – commanding curvatures and firm body elements ensure this vehicle is dynamic in proportion and distinctive in appearance.

interior Kahn Desing Audi Q7

In keeping with our lightweight design philosophy, new front replacement wings with air vents (X2), wide wheel arches with rear vented spats, rear vented bumper, S-line front grille, brake calipers, RS-X alloy wheels (9.5 x 22), door entry sill plates in stainless steel, privacy tinted glass and exhaust tailpipes in stainless steel optimise efficiency.

Kahn Desing Audi Q7

A multitude of detailed improvements in the interior enhance one’s sense of well-being. Numerous details have been restyled: the speedo & Rev Counter facia is adorned with red & white livery, vented foot pedals are available in machined aluminium and front and rear seats in quilted and perforated black leather with red stitching.

Naturally, the Audi Q7 Quattro 3.0 Diesel Wide Track can also be ordered in every imaginable colour. If you, for example, want a car with a full colour change (to a colour of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room, we will be more than happy to oblige.

A. Kahn Design is for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection. Dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and rebuild them into individually tailored creations.

Audi Q7 Quattro 3.0 Diesel S-Line – Wide Track by A. Kahn Design

Staying true to his philosophy of combining mechanical perfection and exterior beauty, Afzal Kahn’s formula of club-class quality and high-tech engineering puts the wide track Audi Q7 Quattro (Glacier pearl white) somewhere near the top of the premium SUV pile.

Safe and luxurious, with imposing looks and plenty of visual presence – the Quattro Q7 Kahn exterior package helps disguise the proportions.

Q7_RSRs_White (3qtr front emphasis view)

The use of immaculate materials and outstanding build technology is truly extraordinary. An aerodynamically efficient exterior package consisting of brake calipers finished in liquid gold, electronic lowering module, front and rear wide track arches, front bumper arches (x2), front bumper replacement wings with air vents, front grille and bumper sections in matt pearl grey, LED daytime running lights, privacy tinted glass, rear diffuser in matte black, rear large upper wing roof, rear vented bumper, door entry sill plates in stainless steel, speedo & rev counter facia in red and white and vented foot pedals in machined aluminium – all exhibit an increased level of interaction coupled with a sense of motor supremacy and style.

Q7_RSRs_White (Interior shot 2)

The Kahn Q7 also offers lots of performance – this 3.0-litre TDI diesel isn\’t disgraced, with 233bhp shoving it to 60mph in just 8.4 seconds. Equally impressive is the 6 speed tiptronic transmission, shifting down on hills to improve engine braking. It certainly complements the Kahn foot pedals, and the Q7 has handling to match the performance. The air suspension includes roll control and height adjustability, making the car nimble and composed around corners.

Another unique feature of this model is the amazing interior which has been upgraded to a magnificent level with the front and rear seats in black leather with red stitching along with a speedo and rev counter in red and cream.
However, we provide our customers with the opportunity to express one\’s individuality. And they can have whatever they want. We could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an exterior matching your shoes and an interior the same shade of your living room, the choice is yours.

Q7_RSRs_White (Interior shot 1)

Kahn wheels sit perfectly, on any vehicle, conveying the essence of the vehicle\’s identity. Created using state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology, the 9.5×22” (front) and 10.5×22 (rear concave)” Kahn RS-R wheels fit all original centre caps.

With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, the RSX wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

Q7_RSRs_White (Interior shot 3)

A. Kahn Design is for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection. Dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and rebuild them into individually tailored creations.