KW Expands Range Of Innovative Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) Kits To Include New Mk2 Audi R8

As if to prove that it’s never happy unless it is busy tinkering and developing, KW Automotive has announced the addition of yet another fitment option to its rapidly expanding range of highly innovative Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) Kits, with offerings for both the Audi R8 V10 and V10 Plus in both ‘regular’ and Audi Magnetic Ride guises available and ready to ship. It’s a significant addition to an already impressively varied line of suspension parts, and one which is sure to find favour with the rapidly growing Audi R8 community.

For far, far too long aftermarket suspension spring kits have remained unchanged in terms of design and function. While undoubtedly a popular product amongst those that value both looks and enhanced handling performance, the nature of the typical lowering spring kit forces potential buyers to select their ride height before even fitting it, opening the way for indecision and, in the worst case scenario, regret. The fact that lowering springs are of a fixed height gives no room for movement or indeed error, and the upshot is that once the kit is installed, that’s it – you’re stuck with that ride height for the foreseeable future.

The above serves to underline just how significant a departure from conventional spring wisdom KW’s HAS kits actually are. Outwardly similar to regular lowering springs, KW’s offering sports an innovatively designed threaded spring perch, a feature which allows for individual height adjustment while the springs themselves are in situ. Clever, KW style engineering ensures that physically toggling the springs (and therefore the car in question’s ride height) is both simple and physically undemanding, which in turn means that owners have a massive amount of control over how their car looks and handles. The Audi R8 kit it especially adaptable, allowing for continuous lowering from 5-25mm in combination with the series dampers, and as much as 0-35mm on cars fitted with Audi Magnetic Ride.

As you would expect of a KW product, all units within the HAS line have been developed specifically for the car which bears their name, which in turn ensures they work with the OEM dampers and other essential suspension and chassis parts. Constructed from chrome-silicone steel, the KW R8 HAS kit has been devised to complement the model’s standard spring and damping rates, which means it doesn’t merely improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the second generation car, it also sharpens handling.

KW has taken the time to develop 2 distinct variants of HAS kit, one for those R8s fitted with electronic dampers, one for those without. Not only does this further underscore the company’s dedication to producing world class suspension products, it means that all R8 owners can benefit from the HAS kit’s myriad abilities, safe in the knowledgeable that they won’t be greeted by a battery of unsightly dash warning lights once they’ve it.

Further evidence of the HAS kit’s capabilities can be found in its toughened construction, proof of its ability to shrug off the very worst that the British weather has to offer. Not only do the springs feature a tough, water-resistant coating that will last for countless thousands of miles, they boast a special dust protection system for the KW supplied bump stops.

A truly groundbreaking product and one which will no doubt have far reaching ramifications for the aftermarket suspension industry, KW’s Height Adjustable Spring kit for the Mk2 Audi R8 represents the ideal chassis upgrade for those owners seeking improved turn in, handling, plus a better overall appearance. It effectively gives owners almost total control over their car’s ride height, and means that they have freedom to make minute adjustments as and when they choose.

£1008.00 – 253100AM – R8s without Audi Magnetic Ride
£1008.00 – 253100AN – R8s with Audi Magnetic Ride

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KW height adjustable springs are now available for the latest Audi R8!

TPC Now Exclusive UK Supplier for Vorsteiner Bodykits And Aerodynamic Packages For New Audi R8

The Performance Company (TPC) is the official UK distributor for some of the most revered names in the aftermarket industry, including Pipercross, Remus and Liberty Walk. The firm has recently expanded and can now supply a wide range of bodykits and aerodynamic packages from Vorsteiner, a name synonymous with extreme creations for the world’s most sought after cars, and it’s latest creation is aimed squarely at the recently launched Audi R8 Mk2.

A name best known for its aerodynamics, wind tunnel honed bodywork additions, carbon fibre creations and hyper aggressive alloy wheels, Vorsteiner’s portfolio is ideally suited for the UK market, particularly now that there are so many individuals with high end performance cars keen to stand out from the crowd. TPC’s newly inked deal sees the performance motoring specialist tasked with supplying the UK with both the Vorsteiner Aero and Nero ranges, both lines groaning under the weight of advanced components and styling additions.

Vorsteiner’s offerings for the second generation Audi R8 are particularly special, and they also suit the decidedly subtle looking Audi to the ground, making the firm’s kits ideal for those R8 owners looking to make a statement. The parts in question form part of Vorsteiner’s Aero range and can therefore be counted upon to both look and perform brilliantly, while also being built to an incredibly high standard. The full range of Vorsteiner components for the R8 includes a VRS Aero rear wing, VRS Aero rear diffuser and VRS Aero front spoiler, available separately or, for the full effect, as a complete, show-stopping package. Those opting for the latter will end up with an R8 not dissimilar to the be-winged creations campaigned in various GT2 series throughout the globe, which means they’re bound to make a splash on the public road.

Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, Vorsteiner is able to supply premium composite components made to exacting standards, all made from the finest autoclaved pre-impregnated carbon fibre. Vorsteiner carbon fibre provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fibre composites, meaning it can be counted upon both to perform and look jaw-dropping for many years and countless miles.

Vorsteiner’s Aero portfolio contains carbon components for the world’s finest performance and exotic machinery, with the R8 being no exception. If you’re looking to make a statement and to stand out amongst the UK’s supercar elite for all the right reasons, this is where you should turn.

VRS Aero front spoiler carbon fibre PP 2×2 glossy – VUD2120 – ££2,807 exc. VAT
VRS Aero rear diffuser carbon fibre PP 2×2 glossy – VUD2150 – £3,432 exc. VAT
VRS Aero rear wing carbon fibre PP 2×2 glossy – VUD2170 – £3,016 exc. VAT


The ABT R8 – making rare things unique

For customers who think that even an Audi R8 V10 plus does not look athletic enough, ABT Sportsline offers a wide range of accessories which can further sharpen the appearance of the supercar. Front and rear skirts move the ABT R8 even closer to the road visually. The matching front lip and the front, side and rear blades refine the aerodynamics of the German sports car even further.

ABT Audi R8

The wheel arch vents in racing design complete the package functionally. Naturally, the wheels will have to match the sporty look of the body. ABT Sportsline therefore offers the forged 19 inch ABT HIGH PERFORMANCE ER-F wheels in the color “black magic” and the new 20 inch ABT HIGH PERFORMANCE GR forged wheels in “anodized black”.

ABT Audi R8

The Audi R8 already comes with an ample 610 hp/463 kW as a standard. ABT Sportsline, the worldwide leading tuning company for Audi models and vehicles from the VW Group, still succeeded in luring another 20 horsepower from the supercar engine without jeopardizing its durability. This was made possible by optimizing airflow and using a special, TÜV-tested stainless steel exhaust system with carbon double tailpipe trims.

ABT Audi R8

An open carbon rear panel optimizes the temperature in the engine compartment while visually adding to the rear view. But following the motto “power is nothing without control”, the suspension can also be adapted. “We have managed to improve the already excellent roadholding even further,” Hans-Jürgen Abt, Managing Director of the German company, states. This was made possible by lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle using coilover suspension springs and precisely adapted sports stabilizers on front and rear axle as well as a weight reduction by 50 kilograms.

ABT Audi R8

The most important place in a sportscar will always be the space behind the wheel. Even before the driver has taken their seat, the ABT R8 greets them with exclusive ABT entrance lighting. When seated, feet rest on high quality floor mats with the ABT logo and the gaze is drawn to the two finishing upgrades to the interior: the elegant ABT Individual leather interior combined with the sporty look of the ABT Individual carbon interior with the fine composite material visibly installed. “The visual upgrade is just as important to us as improving performance,” Hans-Jürgen Abt explains.

Pipercross Audi R8 4.2 V8 Filter Kit

Lucky owners of Audi’s sublime V8 R8 can now improve the breathing of their everyday supercar, thanks to the new filter kit from induction experts, Pipercross. The Northamptonshire firm has created a bespoke induction set-up that affixes directly to the factory intakes, but more than doubles the surface area available for filtration. The foam used draws heavily on Pipercross’ BTCC experience, as the firm supplied many leading teams on the grid this season.


In addition to the vastly improved surface area, carefully selected multilayered foam within the unit offers 30% more air-flow than even the most efficient of OEM filters. As well as providing a far better rate of flow, the ingenious multi-faceted design also filters down to a far finer rate, protecting the engine against damage. The kits come complete with a can of cleaning spray to keep the filters in tip-top condition and thanks to a lifetime warranty, it makes huge financial sense, especially when you factor in the reasonable price tag. Best of all, each kit is lovingly hand-crafted in Pipercross’ UK factory. Both filters also feature a factory MAF boss for the ultimate in ‘plug and play’ functionality.


The Pipercross R8 filter kit provides a subtle induction ‘roar’ combined with a genuine airflow improvement, making it an essential enhancement for anyone running a V8 R8. Even if you’re not, with over 3,000 models covered in the range, there’s a good chance they have one to enhance and protect your engine. The kit, with both filters, is priced at £173.99


For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit

Carbon Revolution Announces Bespoke CR-9 Wheels For Audi R8

Without doubt the most important development in the field of automotive wheel technology since, well, the wheel, Carbon Revolution design and manufacturer one-piece carbon fibre wheels for some of the most exclusive performance cars in the world. The latest model to receive bespoke Carbon Revolution hardware is the R8, specifically the first generation Type 48 model.


Launched to much fanfare back in 2006, the R8 garnered praise from all sections of the automotive press thanks to its stunning looks, immense power, and the fact that it genuinely could be driven on a daily basis without breaking a sweat! The R8 has since gone onto become a darling of the aftermarket tuning and motorsport world, and this explains why Carbon Revolution has opted to include the model amongst its first batch of bespoke fitment options.


Custom designed for the Audi R8, the CR-9 bolts into place perfectly and precisely, and entails none of the compromises that are part and parcel of fitting more conventional, alloy aftermarket wheels. An offset that apes that of the factory fitted wheels and ensures that there’s no chance of it fouling the caliper, while a diameter of 19in means that there’s equally no danger of it making contact with the arch under full suspension compression.


Boasting the incredible design features enjoyed by all Carbon Revolution products, the all new Audi R8 fitment CR-9 promises to dramatically cut down on unsprung weight, its one-piece carbon fibre construction weighing in at much less than the OEM wheel. Lighter than any comparable alloy wheel and blessed with huge strength thanks to its unique construction method, Carbon Revolution’s CR-9 represents up to a massive 40% weight saving over an equivalent alloy, and therefore chimes perfectly with the performance ethos underpinning the R8 itself.


Cutting down unsprung weight has obvious performance and handling benefits, all of which will be keenly felt from the driving seat. It’s no exaggeration to say that fitting CR9 wheels has the potential to transform the R8’s chassis, reducing rotational inertia and enabling the car in question to accelerate faster and change direction more precisely.


Away from the obvious performance benefits brought about by the CR-9’s carbon fibre construction, the wheel’s appearance is nothing short of stunning. A timeless, multi-spoked design that calls to mind some of the most iconic cars to ever grace a circuit, and wholly appropriate considering the track-focussed nature of the carbon fibre technology that made it possible.


The launch of the R8 fitment CR-9 truly does mark a turning point for the Wolfsburg supercar, and it’s certainly very good news for those owners that value performance and handling poise above all else. Available in 19in diameter and with an R8-friendly offset, the all new CR-9 is priced as below.


Carbon wheels Price

Retail price for a set of 4 wheels ( all sizes ) £15000 ( including VAT @ 20% )

Additional options;
•Centre lock ( Porsche OEM type ) £1500
•Thermal Barrier Coat £1500 Retail prices are quoted inclusive of VAT @ 20%

For further information visit

Liberty Walk Body Kit prices for Audi R8

Liberty Walk UK has announced full details and pricing of its aggressively styled bodykit for the relatively affordable supercar that is the Audi R8. As the ultimate styling enhancement for this car, Liberty Walk’s unique style will appeal to enthusiasts looking to create the perfect show car – or indeed, a road car with unrivalled presence and aggression. Once fitted and painted, this had to be one of the most exclusive looks for Audi’s flagship model, with immediate scene-status and traffic stopping ability coming as part of the package.

Liberty Walk Body Kit prices

Kits are available in either Carbon Fibre or Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) depending on the owner’s budget and preference. Both are identical in appearance, although some may prefer to leave the lighter carbon fibre in its naked form, or use a shaded lacquer to create a truly stunning effect.

Liberty Walk Body Kit prices

Two kits are available, to cater for the subtle differences between the V8 and V10 models. Owners can choose to either order the full and complete kit, which will include all include Front, Side and Rear Diffusers, Rear Wing and a complete set of Wide Fenders, or order any part of the kit by itself, if they want to create a more unique and personalised look.

Liberty Walk Body Kit prices

The quality of the hand-finished mouldings is exceptional, making for a relatively straightforward fit for any accomplished body-shop. Once fitted, the end result is something truly spectacular, and particularly well augmented by a set of AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension to really get the big R8 correctly stanced. Liberty Walk UK will have these kits usually available from stock for immediate delivery.

Liberty Walk Audi R8 Prices europe

For more information on Liberty Walk UK products, please click to

[toggle title=”Prices”]LB WORKS R8 V8 Complete body kit (CFRP) LB16-02 £14,413.33
Front diffuser, Side Diffuser, Rear Diffuser, Rear Wing, Wide Fender
LB WORKS R8 V10 Complete body kit (FRP) LB16-03 £13,066.67
Front diffuser, Side diffuser, Rear diffuser, Rear wing, Wide fender
LB WORKS R8 V10 Complete body kit (CFRP) LB16-04 £15,480.00
Front diffuser, Side diffuser, Rear diffuser, Rear wing, Wide fender
LB R8 Complete body kit (FRP) LB16-05 £8,493.33
Front diffuser, Side diffuser, Rear diffuser, Rear wing
LB R8 Complete body kit (CFRP) LB16-06 £10,906.67
Front diffuser, Side diffuser, Rear diffuser, Rear wing[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Parts”]LB R8 Front Diffuser (FRP) LB16-07 £2,373.33
LB R8 Front Diffuser (CFRP) LB16-08 £2,880.00
LB R8 Side Diffuser (FRP) LB16-09 £1,946.67
LB R8 Side Diffuser (CFRP) LB16-10 £2,626.67
LB R8 Rear Diffuser (FRP) LB16-11 £2,373.33
LB R8 Rear Diffuser (CFRP) LB16-12 £2,880.00
LB R8 Rear Wing (FRP) LB16-13 £1,800.00
LB R8 Rear Wing (CFRP) LB16-14 £2,520.00[/toggle]