MTM Audi RS 3 LMS starts in ADAC TCR racing series

When it comes to challenging for points and positions at Ochersleben on 28th April in the first round of the German Touring Car Championship, MTM will field a strong team hoping to be at the forefront of the action.
With the sponsorship of the Finnish MTM importer two young drivers will be making their mark for the LMS Racing Team. The 28-year-old Finn, Antti Buri, will be carrying racing number 10 and impressed last season at the wheel of a Seat Leon TCR.

He will be driving a MTM RS 3 LMS this year with his teammate, fellow-countryman Niko Kankkunen, the 18-year-old son of rally legend, Juha – one of the “Flying Finns” who dominated the WRC in the second half of the last century. Niko is a rookie and will be relying on the technical expertise of MTM:”I am pleased to be able to count on the full technical support of MTM.” he said. Conversely Roland Mayer, CEO of MTM GmbH, will be trusting in the young man with the big name: “Niko Kankkunen is a very talented young driver – after testing we are completely satisfied that he will be able to meet the challenges of our joint venture.”

This will not be an easy drive through the series, as 15 of the 42 starters will be driving Audi RS 3 LMS cars. This is hardly a surprise as the RS 3 LMS was victorious in the 24 Hours of Dubai in January and the 12 Hours of Mugello in March.

There are 7 races in this year’s ADAC Touring Car Championship.

28-30.04. Ochersleben
09-11.06. Red Bull Ring
07-09.07. Ochersleben
14-16.07. Zandvoort
04-06.08. Nurburgring
15-17.09. Sachsenring

For those who cannot be trackside to watch the action, they can see the races on the Sport 1 television channel or streamed live via and

MTM at the Geneva Salon – Four great car

This year MTM is taking Stand 2045 in Hall 2 at the Salon – right in the heart of matters instead of on the fringe. There is a large stage and an impressive display for four outstanding new models from the house of MTM that focuses on cars from around the VW group.

The doors open at “Palexpo” on 7th March to journalists from around the world and Roland Mayer, CEO of MTM, will greet his guests with news of power and torque increases and other high-tech advances, using as examples two Audis, a Bentley and a Porsche.

The first model is an Audi RS3 LMS, modified according to the regulations for the German ADAC TCR Series for driver Niko Kankkunen, son of the legendary rally champion Juha. It is entered in the series by Antti Buri, the Finnish MTM importer. The engine specification is fairly close to standard, with a 2-litre turbo motor developing 330PS (243kW) at 6,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 410Nm from only 2,500 rpm. The car will demolish the 0-100 km/h dash in 4.5 seconds. While the RS3 LMS is not actually homologated for street use, MTM is preparing road-legal beast featuring a transplanted 2.5-litre, 5-cylinder turbo developing 502 PS (369kW). Chassis and brakes are upgraded to cope with the increased power and the styling kit mimics the silhouette of the race car.

While the racer runs on 265/35 18 tyres, the street version is shod with 295/30 19 tyres on Nardo wheels. This will surely be another winning MTM combination. The blue Bentley GT Coupe Birkin Speed Eight weighs in at 2,280 kg, yet there is absolutely no hint of sluggishness about it. This luxury liner fairly hurtles away from the line thanks to reworked turbochargers that increase power from 507 PS (373 kW) to no less than 772 PS (568 kW) and 950 Nm of torque. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres mounted on Bimoto 10.5” x 22” wheels grip the tarmac and an aero package enhances the imposing appearance.

V10-Kompressor, 5204 cm3, 802 PS, 710 Nm, Allradantrieb, 7-Gang-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe

In contrast the feather-light Porsche Boxster S tips the scales at a mere 1430 kg. The standard outputs of 350 PS (257 kW)/420 Nm are increased by the skilled hands of the MTM engineers to 402 PS (296 kW)/490 Nm. This boost gives the Boxster an extra kick as it disposes of the 0-100 m/h sprint in only 3.8 seconds and reaches 200 km/h 10 seconds later. The torque has been increased using the MTM-Cantronic unit allied to a new exhaust system with control valve. The 2-seater cabriolet looks thrilling even when stationary. The wider 245/35 20 tyres on the front combined with 285/35 20’s mounted on 11” rims on the rear create the perfect stance.

The finale arrives courtesy of the Audi R8 V10 Plus Supercharged, whose standard 5.2 litre V10 with 610 PS (449 kW)/540 Nm makes the car no slouch. “This coupe could have been designed for an injection of a little more excitement”, explains Roland Mayer, referring to the Eaton TVS2300 screw –type supercharger which pushes the motor to an impressive 800 PS (590 kW) at 8,650 rpm and 710 Nm of torque at 5,100 rpm. The R8 rockets from 0 100 km/h in the blink of an eye at 2.6 seconds and reaches 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds. As speed without stability makes no sense, the larger wheels wear Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres in the sizes 245/30 20 front and 305/30 20 rear. Additionally an aero kit in carbon fibre is under development and should appear in the accessory catalogue later in the year.

Abt at the Geneva Motor Show

Next month, from March 9 to 19, it will again be one of those events you simply can’t miss: the Geneva International Motor Show, held for the 87th time in Switzerland this year. With 700,000 visitors, it’s one of the real attractions. Needless to say that ABT Sportsline, the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, will also be there, presenting its new products to an international audience in Hall 1, Booth 1244.

Its five exclusive highlights at the Palexpo exhibition centre in Geneva will be the compact sports car ABT TT RS-R, an enhanced R8, the super SUV ABT SQ7, the ABT RS6+, based upon the RS6 Avant Performance, and also an ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport Formula E racer, something very special. To make sure fans will get all the information they need a digital screen will feature all the relevant data on these cars and, of course, other ABT products.

“All the exhibited cars and components are, state-of-the-art and follow our family-owned company’s tradition. We are very proud of that and look forward to our visitors’ reaction,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt, the Bavarian company’s CEO.

What? ABT at the Geneva International Motor Show
When? 9 – 19 March 2017
Where? Hall 1, Booth 1244

5 Must-try Tuning Mods that Will Boost Your Car’s Performance

Car owners love adding frills to their vehicles, and only a minority of them do it for reasons of fuel efficiency. The real tuning enthusiasts usually set performance above money and aim at bringing out their car’s hidden potential. Experts from Tirendo, the leading tyre and auto accessories dealer, share tuning mods that you should try to awaken the real beast inside your car.

1. ECU tuning: enhance both fuel efficiency and performance

Most of the newer cars are eligible for aftermarket modifications of their computer programs. This mod allows boosting the engine performance and unleashing more horsepower. You’ve got two options here: a ready-made product (file) that backups the computer settings and overwrites the new custom settings or a custom-built tune created by an auto shop programmer with the use of the dynamometer. Although the second option is more expensive and more time-consuming than the first one, it is preferable as it fully conforms to your vehicle’s actual parameters. Do not be tempted by 10-dollar eBay solutions; what you really need will cost 50 to 70 times more.

2. Fitting high-performance tyres
A set of new seasonal tyres with a low rolling resistance can make wonders. The costly investment will generously repay with a better handling, fuel economy, and reliable grip on any kind of terrain. Don’t forget to regularly check you’re the tread of your tyres for signs of premature wear and keep them correctly inflated according to the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you live in the area where snow, slush, and slippery are normal conditions during the cold season, a set of winter tyres will let you feel the road better and enjoy a safe ride.

3. Adjust cold air intake
Allow your engine to breathe naturally without any restrictions by replacing the stock air box with the customised one (opt for the air box that will reliably protect the air filter area from sucking hot engine air). This tune mod improves acceleration and fuel efficiency.

4. Exhaust upgrades
The next thing you need to do after upgrading your car’s air intake is to ensure the air freely escapes through the exhaust pipe. By replacing your stock exhaust system with the customised wider one, you let your engine work more fluently and get up to 5% of fuel efficiency. The new system doesn’t necessarily have to work louder as mufflers and resonators do their best in decreasing noise.

5. Strut bar installation
If you want to enjoy a better stability on corners, try installing a strut bar (a suspension accessory) over the front shocks. This tuning mod balances forces that apply to one side of your vehicle and distribute them to another side. This allows your tyres to stay stable and never lose their grip while you make hard turns on high speed.

Sport Auto Award 2016

Readers of the sport auto magazine voted: in 25 categories they made their choice regarding sportscars and tuning cars of the year 2016. The MTM-Audi S1 gets the sport auto Award 2016 with 25,6 % of the votes in the tuning-small cars category. MTM is thankful for the 1st place in the Tuning-small car category and delighted about three more top rankings. Detailed results are published in sport auto issue 11/2016.


category Tuning-small cars:
1. MTM-Audi S1 25,6 %
2. Abt-Audi S1 22,9 %
3. AC-Schnitzer Mini 21,8 %

category Tuning-compact cars:
1. Oettinger VW Golf 500R 19,5 %
2. MTM-Audi RS3 R 17,5 %
3. Abt-Audi RS3 Sportback 15,5 %

category Tuning-limousines/station wagons over 80.000 Euro:
1. Abt-Audi RS6 1 of 12 22,8 %
2. G-Power BMW M6 20,1 %
3. MTM-Audi S8 Talladega R 10,8 %

sport auto BEST BRAND 2016 – MTM is one of the top three brands in the following category:
1. AC Schnitzer 48,0 %
2. Abt Sportline 47,1 %
3. MTM 44,2 %

For more information regarding the hightech performance of the car manufacturer MTM have a look at

S8 Talladega S, RS6 Clubsport and S3 Cabrio from MTM

For 25 years MTM has been marketing very powerful, special and craftsman-like interpretations of premium marques such as Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bentley and Porsche. The company will be exhibiting at the Geneva Salon for the fifth successive year and presents once again some exciting new models: none more so than the MTM S8 Talladega S. The vehicle follows in the footsteps of the Audi 200 that set some remarkable records at the Talladega Superspeedway, Alabama in 1986: 650PS to break the 350 km/h barrier.

mtm rs6 clubsport

The current variant of the Talladega S is a larger car but still manages the same velocity – thanks to a power output of 802 PS. This impressive combination is complemented by a luxurious but sportily chic interior comprised of bespoke carbon-fibre parts and hand-crafted leather.

mtm rs6 clubsport

Next door on the Geneva stand is the RS6 Clubsport. The Avant has been lightened by 80 kg and is ready to claim more records in its class. The tuned 4,0 TFSi Quattro provides ample power, namely 760 PS (559 Kw) and 945 Nm of torque from 1.700 to 5.500 rpm, transmitted through an 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox. The Clubsport dispatches the 0-100 kph sprint in a fraction over three seconds and reaches 300 km/h in 31 seconds.

mtm s8 talladega

The final member of the Geneva trio is the S3 Cabrio. The MTM Engine Management Unit increases the power of the 2,0 TFSi to 426 PS and the torque to a considerable 530 Nm. The Cabrio sprints from 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds, and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 270 km/h. The modifications consist of a turbocharger and matched ECU to MTM specifications accompanied by a revised Cat and exhaust system.


All three cars provide not only ample power for a very sporting drive but are equipped with suitable chassis modifications to enhance the overall experience. Safety first – an enduring motto when purchasing from MTM.

MTM engine

For Roland Meyer, the CEO of MTM in Wettstetten, the natural and continuous development of Electronic Engine Management Units is a keystone of the company: “As an Informatics and Mechanical Engineer I have never strayed from this path. Our measures to increase power are always repeatable, successful and so assured that we are able to guarantee them. Our future is aptly described as ‘sporty, special and supreme’”.