P3 OEM Style Information Gauge for Audi TT Mk2

P3 UK has released details of its superbly fitting RHD OEM style gauge for all variants of the easily tuneable Audi TT Mk2. These ingenious gauges integrate perfectly into the factory vent aperture to display useful technical information, without ruining the looks of the interior.

Two versions of the gauge are available – and both use the vehicle’s existing OBD2 port and ECU control to display the desired info on the clearly legible LCD screen. The boost gauge variant displays boost levels, battery voltage and features a useful dimmer control. Great for a tuned car, or ideal for those that like to be a little more in touch with their car’s health.

Also available is the incredibly useful ‘Multi-Gauge’ variant which adds a fair few additional features into the mix. As well as the boost and voltage displays, drivers can also check their digital speed readout, their precise coolant temperatures as well as parameters like throttle position, EGT and intake temperature. With the correct module added, it can also function as a performance timer, a code reader and clearer and even an RPM/Shift light! In short, there’s not a lot this clever little gauge can’t report on! (Although you know it’s the 0-60 timer that’s going to get the most action!)

Fitting is exceptionally straight forward, with wiring being a simple ‘plug and play’ affair for easy connection.

The units are priced as follows;

TT Mk2
Boost Gauge £220.00
Multi Gauge £375.00
Vent Integration + £200.00

For more details on the P3 gauge range in the UK, please click to www.p3gauges.co.uk

KW Variant 3 and KW Clubsport coilovers now available for Audi TT RS

The TT RS has always been at the top of the Audi TT model line for enthusiasts. Now, KW suspensions has developed a Variant 3 and Clubsport 3-way coilovers with aluminum Unibal top mounts for the 400-hp RS with 2.5-liter TFSI five-cylinder engine. Made of high quality stainless steel, KW coilover kits provide a significant boost in driving dynamics and allows adjustable compression and rebound on low speed and high speed compression and rebound levels. The KW coilover kits enable you to continuously lower the Audi TT RS, as well.

Audi TT RS 8S KW suspension

With its 2.5-litre TFSI five-cylinder engine and a standard output of 400 hp, the new Audi TT RS (Type FV aka 8N model year 2015) clearly stands out from its predecessors. KW suspensions has developed the KW Clubsport 3-way coilover kit particularly for drivers who want to take their TT RS to track day events such as the KW Partner Eventcenter Selisberg, Gedlich Racing, Instructor Exchange, Manthey Racing, RSRNurburg, “Schnelle Schwaben” and others that are offered at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Hockenheimring, Spa-Francorchamps and Co. “The great advantage of our Clubsport suspension is not only the outstanding performance on race tracks”, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “With the part certificate, it can also be used on public roads and from track to street KW coilovers give the TT RS maximum driving dynamics.”

Audi TT RS 8S KW suspension

Motor sports valve technology in the KW Clubsport coilovers

KW Clubsport coilovers differentiate from conventional suspensions because its basic setup was designed for the use of semi slick tires and features racing springs. With the 3-way KW racing valve technology, that can be adjusted individually in rebound stage (16 clicks) as well as in low speed (6 clicks) and high speed compression stages (14 clicks), KW 3-way Clubsport coilovers contain numerous adjustment possibilities. This allows the user to individually change KW recommended “Track setup” and “Street setup”. Johannes Wacker describes the advantages of an independent damping adjustment, “This way, individual performance modifications to the TT RS, such as wheel-tire combinations, a retrofitted roller cage and much more, can be taken into account”.

Audi TT RS 8S KW suspension

In addition, the KW Clubsport coilover kit is equipped with aluminium Unibal top mounts for long-term durability. By changing the camber angle, the tires can achieve an optimal contact surface during cornering. Ideal for drivers who miss the possibility of a camber adjustment on their RS. Of course, the KW Clubsport 3-way coilovers allow for continuous lower of the Audi TT RS, even despite its lower centre of gravity compared to the normal Audi TT. Within the framework of the part certificate, the tested adjustment range on both axles is 10 – 35 mm. The lowering of 35 mm at the TT RS corresponds to a lowering of 50 mm at the TT 2.0 TDI with four-wheel drive. The same continuous lowering is also possible with the KW Variant 3 coilover kit that is available for the Audi TT RS.

The Variant 3 differs from Clubsport coilovers by the KW valve technology and the suspension springs with a progressive spring rate. “The V3 offers the perfect balance of more driving dynamics, comfort, and adjustment possibilities for everyday life”, explains Johannes Wacker. “It is the coilover kit for all TT RS drivers, who mainly use their Coupé in everyday life and who are looking for more driving dynamics without compromising comfort.” With the KW coilovers Variant 3, the dampers can be adjusted independently with twelve clicks in compression stage and 16 clicks in rebound, if the TT driver wants to adjust their RS individually to their personal driving requirements.

For more details on KW products, please click to www.kwsuspensions.co.uk

The ABT TT RS-R: 500 hp and 570 Nm for maximum driving enjoyment

The standard 2.5 liter petrol engine in the current Audi TT RS already provides an impressive 400 hp (294 kW). After optimization of the motor management by ABT Sportsline, the data sheet for the sportscar now boasts an impressive 500 hp (368 kW) and 570 Nm. This makes the ABT TT RS-R more powerful than any standard Audi TT that was ever built. But that is by far not all, because this complete vehicle in a limited edition of 50 features a whole range of additional visual and performance improvements.

In addition to the performance upgrade for the Audi TT RS, the tuning company from Germany also tackled its appearance. The body of the ABT TT RS-R received high quality add-on parts made of visual carbon which make it clear that this is a genuine ABT Audi. It includes the front spoiler, the exclusive front grille frame with a red TT RS-R logo, front flics and front blades, side skirt add-ons with side blades as well as a multi-part rear skirt add-on with a red TT RS-R logo to point out the concentrated power of the German sportscar. The stainless steel exhaust system with double tailpipe trims ensures that the sound perfectly matches the exterior. The matching 20 inch ABT SPORT GR wheels in “glossy black” with diamond machined flange additionally underscore the added power of the coupé.

As a special model, this Quattro also deserves an appropriately exclusive sporty styling for the interior from ABT Individual. The standard seat panels as well as the side of the dashboard panel have a carbon coating. This completes the high quality, sporty appearance of the ABT TT RS-R which is more than ready to make its appearance on the road.

To ensure that the ABT TT RS-R also provides a suitable driving experience, ABT fitted it with suspension springs and sports stabilizers on front and rear axle. “The uncompromising upgrade for the ABT TT RS-R illustrates the essence of ABT Sportsline: We have been focusing on our customers for over 120 years. Each vehicle is tested for reliability down to the last detail and offers maximum driving enjoyment,” Hans-Jürgen Abt summarizes.

The TT RS is currently no longer available to order from Audi, but the RS-R model with added 100 hp is available from ABT for interested customers at product launch. The individual components of the ABT TT RS-R are also available for conversions.

[toggle title=”The new ABT Audi TT RS-R – data and facts”]

Engine: 2.5 TFSI, 2.480 cc capacity, R5
Performance tuning: ABT POWER R
Performance: 500 HP/ 368 kW (standard: 400 HP/ 294 kW)
570 Nm (standard: 480 Nm)

ABT charge air cooler

ABT front lip incl. front blades (carbon fibre)
ABT front grille insert with TT RS-R logo
ABT frontflics (carbon fibre)
ABT mirror caps
ABT side skirt add ons incl. side blades (carbon fibre)
ABT fuel tank cap with TT RS-R logo
ABT rear skirt add incl. rear blades (carbon fibre)
ABT logo set TT RS-R

20 inch, diamond machined flange, glossy black

ABT stainless steel exhaust system with dual tail pipes

ABT suspension springs
ABT sport stabilisers (FA/RA)

ABT Individual leather interior
ABT Individual carbon fibre interior
ABT door sill panel TT RS-R
ABT floor mats TT RS-R
ABT LED-door entrance lights with TT RS-R logo
ABT gear knob badge
ABT model number badge 1/50

Neuspeed Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links for Audi TTRS

Awesome GTI, the UK’s exclusive distributor of Neuspeed products, has announced the release of a substantially upgraded rear anti roll bar drop link kit.

This kit addresses the issue of the slight flex that exists in the thin, OEM links. These work perfectly on a standard car, of course, but on any car where bushes, tyres, suspension or thicker anti-roll bars have been added, these links will provide a valuable and tangible improvement. This is achieved by providing a direct transition of suspension movement to the anti-roll bar, maximising the efficiency of the anti-roll bar, helping to reduce load transfer in the turns.

Everything starts with the material – after all, it is the foundation of the part! Neuspeed did not skimp here as these links are precision CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, before being hard anodised. Also included in the kit are stainless steel spacers, precision Teflon lined spherical bearings and high grade bolts.

Thanks to their spherical bearings, these parts offer a much greater level of precision than the OEM equivalents, but still offer enough refinement to make them totally suitable for a road-driven car. Naturally, on a track or race car – they’re an absolute essential!

Perfect handling for the current Audi TT

The ST XTA coilover kits with adjustable dampers and top mounts are now available for the latest generation of the Audi TT (2015 model) with all-wheel drive. The kit includes the part certificate and top mounts. In addition to the camber, the XTA coilover kit can be adjusted in rebound forces by the KW dampers. The ST coilover kit allows a continuous lowering of up to 50 mm, depending on the engine. In addition to the ST XTA suspension, ST wheel spacers and spring sets are also available for the Audi TT (8J, from model year 2015).

Audi TT drivers, who want to enhance their car’s looks and driving dynamics, will find numerous options in the extensive range of products offered by ST suspensions, a brand of KW automotive. If the performance on the road is the main reason for upgrading the Audi suspension, the ST XTA coilover kit with top mounts is the first choice.

Compared to conventional sport suspension and coilovers, the ST suspension kit, manufactured in Germany, allows one to adapt the dampers with just a few clicks either more comfortable or more dynamic. The adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts on the front axle play an integral role. By changing the camber angle, the tires can create an optimum contact patch during cornering. It’s ideal for all drivers who need the ability to adjust the camber on their Audi.

With the technical part certificate, approved by German authorities, the ST coilover kit allows a continuously adjustable lowering of 20 – 50 mm on the front axle and 20 – 45 mm on the rear axle. The TT S from the factory has a lower center of gravity and can be lowered in the range of 10 – 40 mm (front axle) and 10 – 35 mm (rear axle). The times when a coilover kit was harsher than a conventional suspension are long gone. By using shorter damper housings, the spring travel of an ST coilover kit can even be longer by up to one centimeter than a standard suspension kit. So despite the lowering, driving comfort is retained for everyday use.

ST suspensions has also developed various wheel spacers, which widen the track width by 10 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm or 60 mm . In addition to the reliable spacer systems, “A1”, “D1” and “D2”, also the revolutionary “DZX system” with its conical shaped ST adapters is available. For a discreet lowering of the Audi TT, ST springs are also available for a lowering of 30 mm in combination with the standard dampers.

More at www.st-suspensions.net

Forge Motorsport Unveils High Flow Valve Kit For 2015- Audi RS3 And TTRS

High performance Audis and Forge Motorsport go hand in hand, the latter having catered for the former in a big, big way for many years now. The latest evidence of this long standing and fruitful relationship is an advanced, high flow dump valve/elbow kit for the 2015 onwards Audi RS3 and TTRS, both models that are among the most potent in their respective classes, and which can be tuned to deliver frankly astonishing power figures.

An evolution of the firm’s already highly regarded FMARSDV valve (one that’s served countless 8P chassis RS3 owners very well for years), the new high flow kit has been designed for fitment to extensively fettled RS3s and TTRSs, those making in excess of 450bhp – a figure that’s easy enough to achieve with these particular Ingolstadt offerings. At these heady power figures, the OEM-fitted component, one that Audi itself saw fit to carry over from the previous generation car, has been observed to fail, the stock solenoid dump valve being simply unable to flow and meter the volume of air required, leading to ECU-based confusion and potentially damaging MAP readings. With this in mind, it perhaps isn’t all that surprising that Forge has made developing a replacement part for the latest RS3 and TTRS a top priority.

Forge Motorsport’s uprated valve kit underscores the lengths to which the Gloucester concern is willing to go to in order to produce products that exceed OEM levels, and evidence of this can be seen in the inclusion of an all new, Forge designed elbow. The firm’s engineering team swiftly realised that the running issues covered above couldn’t be fully cured with the addition of an aftermarket valve, as the size of the of the hole for the valve is too small in the stock elbow. This inspired the team to develop and manufacturer their own elbow, one with a far larger DV port (allowing the fitment of a correspondingly larger dump valve) and with significantly improved internal flow rates thanks to the de-restricted nature of the new component. The elbow design has been changed by Audi to accommodate a different throttle body, so the Forge design has changed too.

With the engine management on this engine being MAP based rather than MAF based, which is unlike many other Audi engines, Forge has also incorporated the option to run the kit with a recirculation valve or with an atmospheric discharge/blow off. This open-ended design means that the new Forge kit is nothing if not adaptable, while also having the potential to act as the foundation stone for further forced induction tuning at a later date.

Performance implications aside, the high flow valve and elbow assembly exhibit all the engineering trademarks that its maker has become well known for. The valve itself has been manufactured from high grade 6082 aluminium (very much a Forge speciality), while the elbow is equally well presented – it all adds up to a stunning kit, one that will look perfect nestled in the engine bay of any tuned RS3 or TTRS.

Contact: www.forgemotorsport.co.uk