If we consider the etymology of the word “tuning”, it makes sense to relate it with “tune” (meaning the act of becoming harmonic), but in a conceptual way, it makes more sense to relate it with “turn” (to change, in order to become). This may sound rather petty on my account and it may somewhat disregard the poetry imbued within the art, but I do find cars reflect their owners’ personality and if one considers the aesthetics only, instead of the engineering, “turning” applies to the act of transforming something, while “tuning” is more focused on an artistic approach. Having this said, people have all types of different personalities, and not all of us are artists.

The majority of people are practical, only a niche can be regarded as purely idealist. There is a bit of deviant, misfit, rebel, egocentric, even narcissistic in all drivers who inevitably end up tuning their cars. Sure, we may think the vehicle ended up being “tuned” (becoming in tune) with their owner’s personality; however, the act itself is about transformation, and that doesn’t include just the basic parts, like the ones we find in giga-pneus.pt. Replacing original parts to alter the car’s appearance is modifying; removing the vehicle from its original shell, its cocoon, and unraveling its true aspect, in such a way it may reflect the owner’s true nature. The image we wish to convey to others is often more social rather than the result of a process of self-introspection. This is the part where, in my belief, resides the pursue of harmony, because engineering – the car from within – should be a well-oiled machine; purring, but ready to roar; powerful, yet smooth; and above all with flawless performance.

Tuning, in a way, has done more for the transformation of the automobile industry, socially and culturally, than becoming in harmony with the owners’ personalities or way of life (aka individually). It can be viewed as a cultural phenomenon that surely sprung out of the drive to drive, the love for mechanics and the will to create new lines and angles for the world to behold. We may safely say countless performance improvements were found during the numerous hours spent replacing components, but in the end looks matter: we are all susceptible to fall in love at first sight and for some reason, first impressions do count.

How to drive on ice and snow like a god

What do you give a man who has everything? A WRC drive obviously, as Andreas Mikkelsen has already got the rest: talent, looks, charm and intelligence. In fact, if he weren’t such a nice guy, it would be sick-making.

Unfortunately, we can’t give Andreas a rally car to compete in this weekend, but we can give him the sort of toys that Scandinavians always love: an Audi RS3 on studded tyres and a frozen lake in Sweden. Two ingredients that add up to serious fun. Andreas is Red Bull TV’s guest reporter from Rally Sweden: a rally where the 27-year-old has stood on the podium twice. You can catch him (if you’re quick) from 21:00* tonight to get all the action from day one in Sweden.

So, who better to show the world exactly how to drive on snow and ice like a God? We let Andreas loose in the 362-horsepower, four-wheel drive Audi, which for a while was the fastest hot hatch on sale, to get some serious sideways. And the results are breath-taking.

It launches itself from 0-100kph in just over four seconds and then rapidly onto warp speed: just like a World Rally Car on the stages. Andreas reveals the secrets of the driving style that has carried him to three rally wins and third place in the championship for the past three seasons, marking him out as one of rallying’s hottest prospects.

drive ice and snow

“This year was going to be the one where I challenged for the title, but my plans obviously changed!” says Andreas, who was suddenly left without a drive after Volkswagen’s shock withdrawal from the championship at the very end of 2016. “So for now it’s a question of keeping myself as match fit as possible to come back even stronger and go for the title next year. Any sort of driving is good to keep you in the groove, which is why it’s great fun to get onto the lake and throw a few moves. And hopefully I can pass on some useful driving tips – as long as I don’t give too much away?!”

From the Scandinavian flick to the handbrake turn to the high-speed drift, Andreas mesmerizingly demonstrates the techniques that the top stars use to drive on a surface so slippery that it’s sometimes impossible to stand up on.

Mikkelsen’s masterclass is available now to watch on the Red Bull Content Pool. “On snow and ice, the grip is constantly changing: it’s never exactly the same from corner to corner,” explains Andreas. “You definitely need to have a feeling for it, but you also need to set your car up for the corner to carry as much speed as possible. On snow and ice, the car is rarely pointing forwards. And you also have to adjust your line to suit the grip available.”

There’s a lot to learn. To find out more, watch Red Bull TV – with Andreas and presenter Mike Chen. Andreas is the cool blonde guy; Mike’s the slightly less handsome one who hasn’t won quite as many rallies!

Following tonight’s programme that drops at 21:00*, there’s a live show on Saturday at 13:50*, followed by full highlights on Saturday and Sunday from 21:00*. But check out the masterclass first.

* All times stated are for UK audiences

Parts4Euro new & Improved Mobile Site


Parts4Euro announce the version 2.0 of their mobile site so you can enjoy an even better mobile shopping experience than before. Below is a sneak peek, it’s launching very soon so please stay tuned! Much better mobile experience.
The website is more user friendly, has faster navigation and improved checkout process.

It’s a full desktop experience in the palm of your hand, whether you’re at home on your desktop PC, or logging in from a tablet or smart phone, the new website site detects your device, then optimizes screens for easy, full-featured navigation.

Please check it out here http://m.parts4euro.com

ABT Sportsline wins readers poll and defends title


In the annual AUTO ZEITUNG’s poll, the big German car magazine asks its readers for the most convincing brands. This year, 23.8% opted for ABT Sportsline and voted the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group the best “tuner brand”. Topping Brabus and AC Schnitzer, ABT is thus the No. I for the seventh time in a row.

“We are very pleased that the AUTO ZEITUNG readers value our quality and awarded us the “top brand” title. This shows that we are doing a good job and that ABT still stands for high-quality products and services on which our customers can and will always depend“, says Hans-Jürgen Abt, the ABT Sportsline CEO.

The annual AUTO ZEITUNG readers poll has been conducted since 2007.

Parts4Euro.com brand New Website

Parts4euro have recently announced a new website. After spending almost 5 years with the old site it was definitely a time for a huge makeover. Like always Parts4euro will continue to provide a huge variety of high quality aftermarket & OEM parts as well as the best customer service and prices.

Parts4euro changed the look as well as the navigation and user interface making your shopping experience a lot quicker and more convenient. They have a new feature called Deal of the Day, each week they will feature a product with massive discount which has a time limit of 1 week so be sure to stay tuned to these offers. From now on Parts4euro will update and improve our website features at a much more frequent pace. So please feel free to poke around the new site here http://www.parts4euro.com.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new website, please feel free to send them an e-mail at info@parts4euro.com.