the ABT RS6-R has sold out

With a 730 HP/ 537 kW engine and a visual package that even outshines some of the super sports cars, the ABT RS6-R has done more than just make headlines: with its 295 mm wide 22” wheels, this high-powered estate car, which is based on the latest Audi RS6 facelift, certainly managed to make its unique mark upon many a road. However, only 25 cars were built, and the ABT RS6-R is not available any more – the extremely limited numbers have now completely sold out.

CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt has some words of consolation for the many fans: “In 2017, Audi is launching the C8 generation Audi A6. As one of the world’s leading Audi tuners, we will obviously be involved with this right from the word go!” The only downside is that with the new RS top model, Audi might take until 2019. However, to ensure that power-hungry fans of the brand don’t get bored in the meantime, ABT Sportsline is also giving the more ‘civilian’ and unlimited Audi A6, S6 and RS6 a power boost, with numerous exterior and interior components also inviting further customisation. But let’s put the spotlight back on the ABT RS6-R for one last time!

The ABT Power S technology package for the RS6-R engine, which boosted its performance from 560 HP/ 412 kW to a staggering 730 HP/ 537 kW, was quite remarkable. A specially adapted stainless steel exhaust system with two twin tailpipes guaranteed a phenomenal sound and an even more attractive look. Talking of looks: select carbon fibre parts were a stylistic feature of the ABT bodywork attachments: these adorned the front lip including front blades, air inlet covers with front flics, the side skirt add ons and more add on parts for the rear skirt. Mirror covers, fender inserts and a rear spoiler completed the package.

The 22” FR alloy wheels coordinate ideally with the kit, and these are, of course, also available for other models. With their black corpus and front-polished double spokes, they are the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury. On the ABT RS6-R, they are coupled with Dunlop 295/25 ZR22 tires. In conjunction with special coilover suspension springs, these guarantee perfect road contact and play a key role in creating the vehicle’s unique driving experience. However, its successor, which has not yet been introduced, will most certainly take its performance up a notch. Therefore 2017 also promises to be an exciting year at ABT Sportsline.

ABT RS6-R – data and facts

Engine: 4.0 TFSI, 3.993 cc capacity, V8
Performance tuning: ABT POWER S
Performance: 730 HP/ 537 kW (standard: 560 HP/ 412 kW)
920 Nm (standard: 700 Nm)

ABT front lip incl. front blades (carbon fibre)
ABT air inlet covers incl. front flics (carbon fibre)
ABT front grille insert with RS6-R logo
ABT side skirt add ons incl. side blades (carbon fibre)
ABT rear skirt add on (2 parts at the side) and middle (both carbon fibre)
ABT rear spoiler (carbon fibre)
ABT mirror covers (carbon fibre)
ABT fender inserts

FR in 10 x 22 inches ET52
Available also as complete set of wheels with Dunlop sports tires in 295/25 ZR22

ABT stainless steel exhaust system incl. new middle and axle back and black ABT tail pipes

ABT height adjustable suspension springs

ABT sports steering wheel with LED shifting lights
ABT floor mats
ABT embroidery at the head rests
ABT RS6-R lettering

Milltek Audi S6 4.0 V8 C7 Twin Turbo System

With early examples now up to four years old, Audi’s phenomenal C7 S6 is now very much in both the ‘affordable’ and ‘tuneable’ camps, making Milltek’s elegantly engineered exhaust modification a must-have for discerning enthusiasts. As the ‘go to’ brand in the VAG tuning scene, Milltek’s engineers have become adept at creating beautifully engineered extraction solutions for all manner of high-performance Audi models. Like the car itself, The company’s system for the V8 S6 is something of a technical tour de force – and offers owners the chance to enhance both the car’s performance and soundtrack in one tasteful step.


Designed and manufactured in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, the system has been created from optimised 3.0” / 70mm pipework. Material choice is all-important when speccing an exhaust, so the high-chrome content austenitic stainless steel used by Milltek in all its systems should tick the box for even the most discerning of metallurgists. Drivers can choose from cat-back systems in either resonated or non-resonated guises, offering two distinct levels of soundtrack, for those looking to make a subtle statement – and for those that aren’t. That said, even the non-resonated system has been carefully honed to ensure that the exhaust note doesn’t over power or drone into the cabin at speed, or under motorway conditions. Power and torque also both gain a useful and tangible increase over their stock figures, with an additional 18bhp and 21Nm of torque being made available in the upper rev range.


Better still, since the system’s original introduction, Milltek has also added a ValveSonic option to allow full sound-control integration with the factory control functionality, and with many of these cars now safely out of warranty, many owners will be opting for the turbo back systems which can be ordered with or without high-flow sports catalysts, opening the door for Stage 2 remaps and a world of unparalleled power and speed!


Tailpipe options can also be personalised with the beautiful quad GT-100 trims being available in either Polished Stainless, Gloss Black or Titanium. If you’ve already had the good sense to buy a V8, continue the good work by letting it breathe properly!

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Car Shades Launches Bespoke Audi A6 Avant Kit

The expansive Car Shades line gains a range of new and exciting fitment options, including the latest generation of the Audi A6 Avant.

Audi’s A6 has been one of the most successful models ever for the Ingolstadt concern, and with the recent advent of sporty models like the S6 and RS6, the model continues to go from strength to strength. This success explains why Car Shades, the world’s premier manufacturer of automotive sun shields, has opted to include the model in its recently expanded range of easy to apply, highly effective sun shades. This means that A6 owners, and there are millions of them in the UK alone, can benefit from the innovative design of Car Shades.


Car Shades are unique in that they’re custom designed to fit a specific car. This means that, unlike the traditional, sucker-mounted screens that’ve been popular with families for decades, they fit perfectly, securely and with no fuss, and leave no unsightly sucker marks or residue when removed. The patented Clip-Eaze technology used to hold them in place is not only highly effective, it’s easy to apply and simple to use, meaning that both rear passenger window apertures can be totally covered in minutes. Perhaps the ultimate proof of the excellence inherent in the Car Shades design is that they’re supplied to some of the biggest and most successful OEMs in the automotive arena -all of whom have been full of praise for the system and its capabilities.


Not only are Car Shades simple to clip into place, they’re hugely effective at keeping the sun’s powerful rays to a safe and tolerable level. UV radiation can be harmful in large doses and this is particularly true for children, so limiting their exposure to it on long car journeys can only be a good thing. Car Shades have been proven to cut down a huge proportion of UV radiation, a stat which helps explain why cars fitted with Car Shades are so much cooler on hot, sweltering summer days. Indeed, few experiences are more stressful and have a greater chance of ending up in a family disagreement than a long, hot drive in an overly warm car, particularly if you factor in the traffic that’s such a fixture of British summer holidays. Not only can Car Shades work to cut down your exposure to sunlight, they can help calm frayed tempers and contribute to a smoother, more relaxing start to your family summer holiday.


The safety benefits of Car Shades don’t stop at mere UV protection – and they can even serve to protect occupants from the annoying and potentially dangerous effects of piercing autumnal and winter sunlight. Think, how many times have you had to squint and struggle to see clearly on frosty days with low-level sunlight? Car Shades remove this at a stroke, resulting in a far more pleasant experience for all concerned. They also act as a handy, lightweight barrier to unwanted intrusions from the animal world, so you can say good bye to in-car excursions from bees, wasps and bluebottles and all the annoyances that they bring to any summer trip.


Car Shades are nothing if not versatile, and they can even act as a further layer of protection for your valuables. Granted, they can’t put up much of a physical defence against a committed criminal intent on breaking into your vehicle, but their dense, opaque design acts to screen your expensive ICE, children’s games consoles and other important objects from unscrupulous eyes and sticky fingers.


While these are all fantastic and admirable attributes, there’s no getting around the biggest plus-point inherent in the Car Shades design, and that’s that they’re totally removable. Fancy letting the dog lean out on one of the UK’s rare summer days? Want to sell your car but retain your Car Shades for your next one? No problem, simply unclip and remove the shade as one. No mess, no fuss, over and done with within seconds.

Coming with simple instructions, the whole set can be in position in less than two minutes thanks to an easy “Clip Eaze” technology. They are also quick to remove, simply unclip the shades and place them in their smart, protective zip-up bag. As an added bonus, they store flat and take very little room.

Car Shades make the ideal addition to any Audi A6, perfectly complementing an already stellar family car and making it even better suited to family friendly transportation duties. Competitively priced, proven to work, and designed to fit perfectly and in mere moments, these amazing devices promise to revolutionise long family car journeys over the coming years.

For more information, or to order, please click to With hundreds of family, sports and classic cars already listed, chances are, they’ll have one for yours!

Milltek Audi RS6/RS7 4.0 TFSI Twin Turbo Exhaust System

Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released details of its beautifully engineered system for the latest incarnation of Audi’s brutal RS6. This latest masterpiece in metal has been designed to fit the 2013-on 4.0 TFSI V8 Twin Turbo versions, but thanks to VW Group’s sensible ‘pan sharing’ policies, this also fits the new RS7 with the same powerplant.

As with all Milltek systems, the design team went to great lengths to ensure that the impressive performance gains offered by the system were balanced with a soundtrack that let its presence be felt – and heard – but without introducing unwanted frequencies or ‘drone’ into the cabin at motorway cruising speeds. In addition to the usual care and attention taken in this part of the design process, this latest system also features ingenious ‘ValveSonic’ electronic valves to add in an extra degree of refinement to the whole driving experience.

Thanks to OEM ‘plug and play’ functionality, the ValveSonic system integrates seamlessly with the factory ECU and ‘Audi Drive Select’ to offer full control over the sound of the exhaust system. Although Audi themselves offer a sportier Audi Sport exhaust option, which also fully integrates, the Milltek system offers considerably more sound and depth in its soundtrack, with wonderful pops and crackles on over-run and an evocative V8 soundtrack that makes the 4.0 sound much more likely to have emanated from Bologna, rather than Ingolstadt. No bad thing…

Many options are available to allow enthusiasts to tailor a system to their precise acoustic and performance requirement. A cat-back resonated system, with pending ECE approval is perfect for those looking for performance gains with impunity, while a non-resonated cat-back system offers a little more aural drama for those looking to really awaken the wonderful sound of theAudi V8. True enthusiasts will doubtless opt for the exceptional power gains and environmental balance of the full turbo back system, complete with its twin HJS high-flow catalysts. Low on emissions, and high on power gains, this is the perfect compromise for those looking to extract the maximum output and enjoyment from their Audi, while retaining full road legality.

Pipework is precision CNC mandrel bend from the finest non-magnetic stainless steel in a free-flowing 3” / 76mm dual pipework design. Cleverly, the system mates into the OEM bumper trims to give the whole system the desirable ‘OEM+’ look.

The system itself enjoys a lifetime warranty for the original owners, with the cats benefitting from an impressive 2 year, 80,000 mile coverage.

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LITCHFIELD 650bhp Stage 1 Upgrade For Audi RS6

Respected British tuner Litchfield has released details of its ‘real world’ tuning package for Audi’s blistering RS6. Offering a sensible 100 bhp over the car’s standard output, this simple and cost-effective conversion transforms the rapid load-lugger into a truly rapid mile-muncher – with some 650 bhp.

Litchfield’s extensively-tested Stage 1 upgrade improves the already excellent standard RS6 by remapping and calibrating the engine management system. This recalibration will releases extra horsepower and torque, transforming the way the RS6 performs without pushing the limits of the standard components.


As a sophisticated mapping package, Litchfield’s new RS6 software offers improved boost and ignition control, full variable valve timing and custom fuel mapping. The result is an RS6 that uses less fuel – particularly on a partial throttle, as the engine has to be worked less to make the same progress as before. This useful increase in performance is also evident across the rev range, making the car more tractable and enjoyable across all driving conditions.


The Stage 1 package costs £600 including VAT, which includes custom mapping on Litchfield’s state of the art dyno and a power print out. Naturally, the map can be reverted to standard at any time, for those looking to sell the car in its factory trim in future.

Of course, the Stage 1 is merely a ‘gateway drug’ to Litchfield’s even more impressive RS6 tuning packages, which extend to the range-topping Stage 3, with its tarmac-wrenching 750bhp output. For more details on this full tuning programme, please click to

Prior-Design Audi RS6 PD600R

Prior-Design just released their PD600R wide-body kit, which can be fitted to all Audi A6 Avant or RS6 (C7) models.

The kit includes a custom front bumper, front add-on spoiler, rear bumper, rear diffuser, side skirts, side skirt add-on lip, rear trunk spoiler, roof spoiler and the front & rear widenings. The car is 8cm wider at the front and 10 cm wider at the rear.

prior design pd600R widebody RS6

A performance upgrade is also available, with the tuner offering 3.0 TDI A6 Avant owners the chance to take their cars from 313 PS and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) to 411 PS and 807 Nm (595 lb-ft) – which is basically a 72 Kw/98 PS & 157 Nm boost.

prior design pd600R widebody RS6

Those who are bringing in their 560 PS Audi RS6 model will be getting an extra 110 PS to go with 130 Nm (95 lb-ft) of torque, pushing the total to 670 PS and 830 Nm (612 lb-ft).

prior design pd600R widebody RS6

On the road, the KW DLC Lowering Module is said to improve the handling and overall driving experience, whereas the 21″ Vossen VPS-310 wheels should do a good job attracting attention once the car becomes stationary.