P3 OEM Style Information Gauge for Audi TT Mk2

P3 UK has released details of its superbly fitting RHD OEM style gauge for all variants of the easily tuneable Audi TT Mk2. These ingenious gauges integrate perfectly into the factory vent aperture to display useful technical information, without ruining the looks of the interior.

Two versions of the gauge are available – and both use the vehicle’s existing OBD2 port and ECU control to display the desired info on the clearly legible LCD screen. The boost gauge variant displays boost levels, battery voltage and features a useful dimmer control. Great for a tuned car, or ideal for those that like to be a little more in touch with their car’s health.

Also available is the incredibly useful ‘Multi-Gauge’ variant which adds a fair few additional features into the mix. As well as the boost and voltage displays, drivers can also check their digital speed readout, their precise coolant temperatures as well as parameters like throttle position, EGT and intake temperature. With the correct module added, it can also function as a performance timer, a code reader and clearer and even an RPM/Shift light! In short, there’s not a lot this clever little gauge can’t report on! (Although you know it’s the 0-60 timer that’s going to get the most action!)

Fitting is exceptionally straight forward, with wiring being a simple ‘plug and play’ affair for easy connection.

The units are priced as follows;

TT Mk2
Boost Gauge £220.00
Multi Gauge £375.00
Vent Integration + £200.00

For more details on the P3 gauge range in the UK, please click to www.p3gauges.co.uk

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