5 Must-try Tuning Mods that Will Boost Your Car’s Performance

Car owners love adding frills to their vehicles, and only a minority of them do it for reasons of fuel efficiency. The real tuning enthusiasts usually set performance above money and aim at bringing out their car’s hidden potential. Experts from Tirendo, the leading tyre and auto accessories dealer, share tuning mods that you should try to awaken the real beast inside your car.

1. ECU tuning: enhance both fuel efficiency and performance

Most of the newer cars are eligible for aftermarket modifications of their computer programs. This mod allows boosting the engine performance and unleashing more horsepower. You’ve got two options here: a ready-made product (file) that backups the computer settings and overwrites the new custom settings or a custom-built tune created by an auto shop programmer with the use of the dynamometer. Although the second option is more expensive and more time-consuming than the first one, it is preferable as it fully conforms to your vehicle’s actual parameters. Do not be tempted by 10-dollar eBay solutions; what you really need will cost 50 to 70 times more.

2. Fitting high-performance tyres
A set of new seasonal tyres with a low rolling resistance can make wonders. The costly investment will generously repay with a better handling, fuel economy, and reliable grip on any kind of terrain. Don’t forget to regularly check you’re the tread of your tyres for signs of premature wear and keep them correctly inflated according to the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you live in the area where snow, slush, and slippery are normal conditions during the cold season, a set of winter tyres will let you feel the road better and enjoy a safe ride.

3. Adjust cold air intake
Allow your engine to breathe naturally without any restrictions by replacing the stock air box with the customised one (opt for the air box that will reliably protect the air filter area from sucking hot engine air). This tune mod improves acceleration and fuel efficiency.

4. Exhaust upgrades
The next thing you need to do after upgrading your car’s air intake is to ensure the air freely escapes through the exhaust pipe. By replacing your stock exhaust system with the customised wider one, you let your engine work more fluently and get up to 5% of fuel efficiency. The new system doesn’t necessarily have to work louder as mufflers and resonators do their best in decreasing noise.

5. Strut bar installation
If you want to enjoy a better stability on corners, try installing a strut bar (a suspension accessory) over the front shocks. This tuning mod balances forces that apply to one side of your vehicle and distribute them to another side. This allows your tyres to stay stable and never lose their grip while you make hard turns on high speed.

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