Milltek Audi RS6/RS7 4.0 TFSI Twin Turbo Exhaust System

Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released details of its beautifully engineered system for the latest incarnation of Audi’s brutal RS6. This latest masterpiece in metal has been designed to fit the 2013-on 4.0 TFSI V8 Twin Turbo versions, but thanks to VW Group’s sensible ‘pan sharing’ policies, this also fits the new RS7 with the same powerplant.

As with all Milltek systems, the design team went to great lengths to ensure that the impressive performance gains offered by the system were balanced with a soundtrack that let its presence be felt – and heard – but without introducing unwanted frequencies or ‘drone’ into the cabin at motorway cruising speeds. In addition to the usual care and attention taken in this part of the design process, this latest system also features ingenious ‘ValveSonic’ electronic valves to add in an extra degree of refinement to the whole driving experience.

Thanks to OEM ‘plug and play’ functionality, the ValveSonic system integrates seamlessly with the factory ECU and ‘Audi Drive Select’ to offer full control over the sound of the exhaust system. Although Audi themselves offer a sportier Audi Sport exhaust option, which also fully integrates, the Milltek system offers considerably more sound and depth in its soundtrack, with wonderful pops and crackles on over-run and an evocative V8 soundtrack that makes the 4.0 sound much more likely to have emanated from Bologna, rather than Ingolstadt. No bad thing…

Many options are available to allow enthusiasts to tailor a system to their precise acoustic and performance requirement. A cat-back resonated system, with pending ECE approval is perfect for those looking for performance gains with impunity, while a non-resonated cat-back system offers a little more aural drama for those looking to really awaken the wonderful sound of theAudi V8. True enthusiasts will doubtless opt for the exceptional power gains and environmental balance of the full turbo back system, complete with its twin HJS high-flow catalysts. Low on emissions, and high on power gains, this is the perfect compromise for those looking to extract the maximum output and enjoyment from their Audi, while retaining full road legality.

Pipework is precision CNC mandrel bend from the finest non-magnetic stainless steel in a free-flowing 3” / 76mm dual pipework design. Cleverly, the system mates into the OEM bumper trims to give the whole system the desirable ‘OEM+’ look.

The system itself enjoys a lifetime warranty for the original owners, with the cats benefitting from an impressive 2 year, 80,000 mile coverage.

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