Milltek Audi S6 4.0 V8 C7 Twin Turbo System

With early examples now up to four years old, Audi’s phenomenal C7 S6 is now very much in both the ‘affordable’ and ‘tuneable’ camps, making Milltek’s elegantly engineered exhaust modification a must-have for discerning enthusiasts. As the ‘go to’ brand in the VAG tuning scene, Milltek’s engineers have become adept at creating beautifully engineered extraction solutions for all manner of high-performance Audi models. Like the car itself, The company’s system for the V8 S6 is something of a technical tour de force – and offers owners the chance to enhance both the car’s performance and soundtrack in one tasteful step.


Designed and manufactured in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, the system has been created from optimised 3.0” / 70mm pipework. Material choice is all-important when speccing an exhaust, so the high-chrome content austenitic stainless steel used by Milltek in all its systems should tick the box for even the most discerning of metallurgists. Drivers can choose from cat-back systems in either resonated or non-resonated guises, offering two distinct levels of soundtrack, for those looking to make a subtle statement – and for those that aren’t. That said, even the non-resonated system has been carefully honed to ensure that the exhaust note doesn’t over power or drone into the cabin at speed, or under motorway conditions. Power and torque also both gain a useful and tangible increase over their stock figures, with an additional 18bhp and 21Nm of torque being made available in the upper rev range.


Better still, since the system’s original introduction, Milltek has also added a ValveSonic option to allow full sound-control integration with the factory control functionality, and with many of these cars now safely out of warranty, many owners will be opting for the turbo back systems which can be ordered with or without high-flow sports catalysts, opening the door for Stage 2 remaps and a world of unparalleled power and speed!


Tailpipe options can also be personalised with the beautiful quad GT-100 trims being available in either Polished Stainless, Gloss Black or Titanium. If you’ve already had the good sense to buy a V8, continue the good work by letting it breathe properly!

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