OSIR Carbon parts for Audi TT

OSIR Design replacement parts for the Audi TT MK2 are already available. Parts4euro.com has the complete range of carbon parts for the Audi TT. All the creations of OSIR are quality manufactured products that add unique enhancements to your car. OSIR Design is well known for their high quality Carbon Fiber interior and exterior accessories as well.

Moon Dash Shield Carbon: OSIR Design add-on dash shield. Handmade from real carbon fiber with gloss or SE matte finish. SE matte finish is recommended to reduce glare.

Glove Box trim: Hand made with 100% real carbon fiber with the SE matte finish. For left & right hand drive cars only.


Eleven Door Handles : OSIR Design replacement door handles. Handmade with real carbon fiber with a gloss finish or SE matte finish.

C Frame: OSIR Design replacement center console surround. Handmade from real carbon fiber in gloss or SE matte finish. Also available in Left or Right hand drive.


Retro TT Ring: OSIR Design replacement air vent surrounds. Carrying over the tradition of the Mk1 TT. Made of solid aluminum. Set of 5.

More details on parts4euro.com

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