Osir Design for the Audi TT and TTS 8S

February 28, 2016 | 1 Comments

Osir Design become famous some years ago with its initial products for the first-generation Audi TT. Back on those days there where much companies in the world selling carbon parts at an affordable price. Osir...

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O-Shift-S – Audi R8, TT Mk2, S3

May 31, 2009 | 1 Comments

Do you want to improve the styling of your DSG gearbox shift paddles? You can now replace your plastic shift paddles with this alloy replacement shift paddle system for S Tronic transmission with Sport Steering...

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OSIR Carbon parts for Audi TT

March 27, 2009 | 0 Comments

OSIR Design replacement parts for the Audi TT MK2 are already available. Parts4euro.com has the complete range of carbon parts for the Audi TT. All the creations of OSIR are quality manufactured products that add...

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OSIR Design for the Audi TT mkII

May 13, 2008 | 5 Comments

OSIR Design products are becoming increasingly popular with vw and Audi owners. All the creations of OSIR are quality manufactured products that add unique enhancements to your car. OSIR Design is well known for their...

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OSIR Audi A3

April 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

OSIR Designed is well known for their high quality Carbon Fiber interior and exterior accessories. The quality of their product is so good that even VW North America Chief Designer Derek Jenkins has OSIR Design...

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