Audi TTS with D2Forged XL3 Wheels

Wheel specialist D2Forged has released some pictures of a project they recently done, with a custom and aggressive fitment for a special customer. The car is the Audi TT-S fitted with D2Forged XL3 Wheels and it presented some challenges like the high offset, High offset, large disc calipers and complex AWD system.


The wheels are 9×19 all around with a 2.0 inch front lip and 3.0 inch rear lip. With this setup they manage to get a staggered outer lip and more aggressive stance. This setup, as D2Forged explains, also allows the use of non staggered tires, which prevents any possibility of AWD issues, error lights etc.


Finish for these was chosen to be a combination of a brushed aluminum finish, chrome lips and hand painted D2 logos on all four wheels.

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