1st Place: MTM A1 Nardo Edition

The MTM A1 Nardo Edition delivered decisive proof of its outstanding performance capacity on the oval test track in Nardo – during the traditional Race Night at the Essen Motor Show the pay-off came for its impressive record-breaking run: When the Auto Bild Sportscars readers’ vote was tallied, it came in at 1st Place in the category Subcompact Car Tuning.

It took the lead with no less than 324 km/h top speed and a 2.5 liter TFSi engine from MTM, backed by 500 hp. With its record performance, the A1 traversed the sprint at 100 km/h in only 4.9 seconds. With MTM boss Roland Mayer behind the wheel, the needle of the speedometer pointed to 200 km/h after about 14 seconds, and he mastered the 300 mark after only 38.7 seconds. Those who also yearn for an experience like this can do so for less than 104,000 euros. This price will get you the MTM A1 Nardo Edition with all the additions required for a record-breaking ride.

Karla Kanz, responsible for Public Relations und Marketing at MTM, proudly accepted the award from Auto Bild Sportscars Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ben Arnold: “Nothing carries more weight than expert opinion backed by conclusive facts. This is the type of public recognition that we like best.”

The record-holding vehicle is on exhibit at the Essen Motor Show in Hall 3, at a stand from the Motor Presse Verlag publishers. In addition, MTM is presenting an R8 and an RS 3 on a stand shared with SR Performance. A total of no less than 1578 MTM hp.

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