Sportec Shift Paddles: For Speedy Gear Changes

Sportec announced new sporty and exclusive shift paddles from S Tronic for almost every Audi model in its programme.

They can be used on the small Audi A1 via the A3 or the sporty Audi TT right up to the Audi A8. The rockers are available in silver chrome or polished black for around CHF 350 and for just CHF 500 a carbon version will find its way behind the steering wheel of your S Tronic equipped Audi model.

Sportec Shiftpaddle black

Sportec’s shift paddles not only add to the looks of your car, thanks to the improved accessibility behind the wheel they also ensure a more sporty gear change. In situations requiring greater concentration such as, for example, at high speeds, the large rockers can be reached more intuitively and prevent distractions or operating errors.

Sportec Shift Paddles Shiny silver

The shift paddles naturally come with Sportec’s usual premium quality and can be easily mounted on the original anchorage points.

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