Forge Audi TTS Intake Kit

Serial VAG fettler Forge Motorsport has released a superbly-engineered and extremely efficient induction kit for the Audi TTS onto the market. The kit, which is fabricated and assembled here in the UK offers tangible improvements in flow over the standard part – as well as looking absolutely superb!

Extensive dyno testing helped Forge’s design team to develop bespoke intake pipework which allows a faster path for inducted air to make its way to the engine. Channelled air from the very front of the car ensures that the coolest possible inlet temperatures are achieved. The factory MAF sensor has been retained in an optimised position meaning the Forge induction kit integrates seamlessly with the OEM management system to provide the perfect basis for enhancing a stock car – or an essential part of higher-level tuning, remapping or even additional exhaust mods.

Everything needed to fit the kit is included in the package, including all pipework, race-quality silicon hoses, all clips and of course, the stunning carbon-clad filter. The combination of the smooth induction airflow and large filtration area will maximise efficiency and improves the drivability and torque throughout the rev range on any TT-S.

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