Remus Performance Exhaust System for Audi A3 convertible

Remus has just announced an expansion of its already impressive range of exhaust systems. The latest addition is for the ever popular Audi A3 convertible 8V and, as has come to be expected of Remus over the last few years, it comes complete with a number of advanced features. These include a lightweight construction, innovative design, options for both the 1.4 and 1.8 models and the ability to take advantage of the firm’s lauded Powerizer and Responder systems.

The core of the system consists of a series of carefully designed and impeccably produced stainless steel tubes, with systems for both the 1.4 and 1.8 engined cars containing connection tubes, fully EEC homologated centre sections and, for the lower capacity engine, a stainless steel racing tube to replace the OE front silencer. All combine to create exhausts that rival OE levels of fit and finish, and come bundled with performance benefits and wonderfully balanced exhaust notes. Performance figures vary depending on the specific system chosen, but extensive testing on Remus’s own vehicles has seen significantly increased power figures for both engine sizes.

Remus’s unique exhaust design also has another huge benefit, namely the inclusion of adjustable slip-on rear tips in a variety of styles. The four tail pipe packages available include (4x) 84mm angled and chromed with spherical clamp connection, (4x) 84mm Street Race with spherical clam connection, (4x) 84mm Carbon Race with spherical clamp connection and (4x) 84mm Street Race Black Chrome, again with spherical clamp connection. Not only is this unique feature easy to apply, it allows owners to customise their exhaust design to best display their personality.

A forward-thinking company constantly striving for innovation in its field, it should perhaps come as no surprise to learn that Remus is able to offer options to those customers searching for even more performance from their exhaust systems. The firm’s highly regarded Powerizer system can boost peak power by as much as 25% and torque by a hefty 20%. These amazing improvements are achieved thanks to the electronic system’s ability to toggle the engine management parameters in real time, optimising the nature of the map multiple times per second in order to ensure peak gas flow at any given time.

Remus A3

There’s an added benefit to the Powerizer, one that perhaps isn’t as obvious as the performance advances, and that’s improved fuel economy. The added torque created lower down the rev range means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to propel the car along the road, resulting in improvements in MPG. Remus’s trained technicians optimize the Powerizer to suit the needs of the customer, though the instructions included with each kit allow for it to be adjusted at a later date should the need arise, and all by simply pushing the clearly defined buttons on the control unit.

Finally there’s the Remus Responder, another innovation that’s been designed to improve the driving experience and complement the firm’s exhaust systems. As the name implies, the Remus Responder improves throttle response by adjusting the accelerator pedal output signal, resulting in noticeably reduced response and reduced lag when applied to cars with an automatic transmission. The use of plug and play technology means that, when installed between the OEM pedal sensor and OEM connector, the Remus Responder is ready to use in seconds. The Responder operates using sophisticated adjustable programming profiles, technology that can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficient engine running, while the four user-selectable and customisable performance settings give drivers greater freedom to tune the system to their specific needs.

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