HPerformance Audi TT RS

The Audi TT RS already had a reasonably high power output of 335 hp from its 2.5 liter inline-5, or 134 hp per liter. HPerformance opted to be completely unreasonable and go for an insane 740 hp from the same engine, or 296 hp per liter.


The centerpiece of this change is a modified GTX-35 turbocharger mated with an HPerformance exhaust manifold exiting through a 90 mm Clubsport exhaust system. An intercooler with a 90 mm intake increases the turbocharger’s effectiveness. Other needed changes include a modified fuel feed and high pressure fuel pump, optimized injectors, and new engine software to tie it all together.


An Audi R8 ceramics brake system was installed for best stopping performance on the track.

The total cost of all improvements is €50,000.

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