Remus Announces Cat-Back Exhaust System For Audi RS3 8V 2.5TSI

The Audi RS3 has long been one of the best performance packages money can buy, combining VAG’s engine wizardry with Audi’s legendary four-wheel drive known how with spectacular results. The latest iteration is the 8V RS3, an undoubtedly brilliant car yet one which can still be improved via the careful addition of aftermarket hardware, hence why Remus has opted to take the wraps of its latest offering, Valvetronic Race cat-back exhaust system with proven power benefits and the ability to make the RS3 well and truly sing!

The latest Remus product distills all its knowledge and experience, and the result is an exhaust that’s stunningly well engineered and balanced. A cat-back system, the new offering is 76mm in diameter and, as the name suggests, comes with the firm’s highly regarded vacuum controlled valve technology for a greater sound. This is a fully integrated system that functions with the OE engine performance modes to increase the volume emitted by the exhaust when the valve is open, giving a suitably aggressive note as and when required. It gives the driver freedom to toggle the volume at any given time, meaning cars fitted with the Remus system are every bit as suited to early morning commuting as they are autobahn blasts.

The modular design of Remus exhausts means that customers can select the system the best suits their tastes and budget, hence why its RS3 offering can be ordered from the primary cat backwards, or for those that wish to retain certain portions of the stock system, from the secondary cat backwards. Both options include a choice of 76mm centre sections, one resonated, one non-resonated. The system then moves to a sports rear silencer with a duo of integrated, vacuum controlled valves, a component which fits only as a complete system and requires no modification in order to fit correctly.

Whichever option the customer opts for, Remus offers a choice of 5 distinct quad tailpipes for the RS3, all 84mm in diameter, and all of which will look stunning peeking out from the rear valance of the latest RS3. The range opens with stainless steel, chromed and angled pipes, then progresses to stainless steel pipes with a straight cut and a carbon inlay. Those that wish to stand out from the crowd can select a quartet of angled stainless steel pipes with a carbon band, or a black chrome finish with a carbon inlay. Last but not least, Remus is able to supply the four tail pipes with Titanium internals and a carbon outerlay.


As is the case with all Remus systems, the quality of the workmanship involved is second to none, well above that of offerings from other manufactures and even rivaling OEM levels of fit and finish. Extensive testing of the system on the firm’s own development car has revealed a noticeable increase in performance across the rev range, with peak power increases of 4.4bhp on offer, plus a jump in torque of 6.6nm, figures that make this already potent car all the mightier!

There’s no denying that the current generation of RS3, the 8V, is a supremely capable car and one that pushes the very definition of a hot hatch to its very limits, but it’s also one that Remus is well placed to develop products for. That Remus has been so swift to devise a custom exhaust for this model, one with seamlessly integrated valves for complete control over noise levels, illustrates just how committed the firm is, and how seriously it takes its work. The Remus system is available for pre-order now.

Cat-Back Valvetronic System
Secondary cat replacement pipe 76mm – 047015 1200 – RRP £244.00+VAT
Non-resonated race centre section 76mm – 047015 0000 – RRP £227.00+VAT
Resonated centre section 76mm – 047015 0300 – RRP – £314.00+VAT
Sport rear silencer L/R with 2 integrated valves 76mm (Exc. tailpipes) – 047015 1500 – RRP – £1027.00+VAT

Tailpipe Options
X4 Stainless Steel Chrome angle cut 84mm – 0046 55S – RRP £279.00+VAT
X4 Stainless Steel Chrome Straight cut with Carbon inlay 84mm – 0046 83C – RRP £341.00+VAT
X4 Stainless Steel chrome angle cut with carbon band 84mm – 0046 83CS – RRP £355.00+VAT
X4 Stainless Steel Black chrome straight cut with carbon inlay 84mm – 0046 83CB – RRP £383.00+VAT
X4 Titanium internal with Carbon outerlay 84mm – 0046 83CTS – RRP £679.00+VAT

Further information on the Remus cat-back sports exhaust, prices and fitment options can be found at:

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