MTM puts the finishing touches to the S6 and S8

The Wettstetten vehicle shop of Motorentechnik Mayer, or MTM, is one of the most important sources of high-quality Audi tuning. Whichever model you choose, the Bavarian firm always has ways of refining it. Even S6 and S8 owners will find something for them at MTM.

Although both these models have the same engine – the powerful 5.2-litre FSI V10 – the S6 does not come off the Audi production line with the same power output as the S8. For those who are troubled by the lower power output compared with the car’s big brother, MTM ups the S6’s horsepower by the missing 15, to match the 450 of the S8. And then of course the driver of the S6 can also look forward to better performance.

Customers have even more reason to be happy if they can drive faster. Limited to 250 km/h in standard form, the S6 and S8 cause a few long faces. The motorway is empty … why can’t I drive any faster? So the MTM engineers have fixed it so that the S6 and S8 now reach the 300 km/h mark. At that point MTM puts an electronic stop to the unbridled forward rush.

MTM can also equip both the S6 and the S8 with a beguiling sounding sports exhaust system. The stainless steel, dual-branch, in-house creation with sports exhaust flap control, and with its powerfully impressive 4-pipe look it gives the S6 and S8 a significantly sportier image.

MTM has developed a particularly appealing suspension system for the S8. In place of the standard air suspension system, there is now one from MTM. The trick is, it is individually controllable and it operates with speed-dependent compression and rebound settings. When equipped in this way, the luxury saloon sweeps through the corners in a much more agile manner. For the S6, which Audi does not supply with air suspension, MTM has a KW coil-over system Variant 3 on offer, on which the Bavarian specialists carry out the fine tuning. Bring on the next corner!

Tuning without wheels? At MTM they believe that a car should at least have some sporty footwear. For the S6/S8 models, the specialists from Wettstetten offer their own 9-spoke creation, the “Bimoto”. This wheel achieves the balancing act between looking powerful and looking sportily elegant with considerable style, and is available for both the Audi models as a 10.5 x 21-inch version in “Polished Titanium” and “Shiny Silver”. Contact with the road is taken care of by 285/30-21 tires.

MTM’s conversions can also accommodate particular customer requirements and vehicle constructions to customized specifications.

Further information about MTM’s comprehensive range of equipment for Volkswagen Group vehicles can be found on the Internet at, or by calling telephone number +49 (0)841/98188-0.

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