V-Maxx Release Big Brake Kit For Mk2 Audi TT

Though it was the first TT that really set the ball rolling for Audi’s pretty little coupe, it’s arguably the second generation car that finally allowed the model to achieve its full potential, largely thanks to its excellent chassis. Whereas the Mk1 was based on the front-wheel drive Golf, the Mk2 was designed to be a 911-baiter from the ground up, and this means that a tidy second gen TT is still one of the best sports cars money can buy. This latter point, combined with its continued popularity within the tuning fraternity, explains why V-Maxx has opted to include the Mk2 TT in its latest range of advanced, Big Brake kits.

Though undoubtedly best known for its range of lowering springs and coilover kits, V-Maxx is now able to offer a comprehensive range of advanced braking products for some of the most popular performance models around. Not only is the V-Maxx range of Big Brake kits comprehensive, it contains some decidedly clever thinking and some equally advanced features, and all at a price point that’s affordable for the majority of people.


The heart of V-Maxx’s Audi TT Big Brake kit are the calipers, beautifully designed and engineered four-piston examples that will look perfectly at home on the Ingolstadt icon. Made from a specially developed grade of aluminium that’s both lightweight and incredibly tough, the calipers are the result of many months of painstaking development, and can be relied upon to haul even the hardest charging of TTs to a halt in a controlled, drama-free manner.


The Big Brake kit includes a pair of equally well developed discs, an impressive 330mm in diameter and with a two-piece construction. Grooved for exemplary cooling properties, the discs are constructed from high carbon steel and feature incredibly lightweight, fully-floating aluminium hubs. Not only does this mean that V-Maxx discs function more effectively than their OEM-equivalents, it means that they can be counted upon to perform for extended periods of time, and all without fading, glazing or failing.


Those seeking further reassurance as to the quality of the kit and its components will no doubt be pleased to learn that it’s fully TUV approved, while the high friction pads also included are perfectly suited to both track and fast road use.

Each V-Maxx Big Brake kit ships with adaptors to enable easy fitment to the original rubber brake hoses, while those seeking even better braking performance can specify their kit with V-Maxx Steelflex stainless steel brake lines with Teflon/PTFE inner tubing.


Simple to install, keenly priced and all backed up by one of the world’s leading chassis experts, the new Big Brake kit from V-Maxx will fit all Mk2 TTs up to and including the Quattro, though they’re unsuitable for fitment to the range-topping TT RS.

For more info www.v-maxx.co.uk

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