Akrapovic exhaust systems for Audi

Akrapovic are gaining recognition for their high-end titanium exhaust systems for cars, however the Akrapovic name is more widely known for developing exhaust systems for motorsports and road bikes. More recently, Akrapovic has ventured into the development of exhausts technology in the high-performance car market.

With its high-tech facilities in Slovenia, Akrapovic utilizes cutting-edge technology alongside traditional craftsmanship to produce some of the most sought-after exhaust systems on the market.

Akrapovic exhaust systems Audi

All Akrapovic exhaust systems are constructed from the company’s own exclusively developed titanium alloy; a material 3 times stronger and more heat resistant than other titanium materials, while being 40% lighter than traditional stainless steel.

Our readers may be interested in the range of exhaust systems available for Audi models. At present, Akrapovic produce systems for the Audi TTS and Audi S5. The Audi TTS system (see diagram below), The Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system offers an additional 3.4 HP (at 6.210 rpm) and 5.3 Nm (at 3.440 rpm). The power increase is noticeable between 2.500 rpm and 3.700 rpm. The exhaust system is half the weight of the standard system (7.8 kilograms less). This results in improved power to weight ratio for the 4-wheel drive TTS.

aAkrapovic exhaust systems audi exhaust

The Audi s5 exhaust (pictured below) features an Akrapovic homologated Slip-On exhaust system that provides both a power increase and weight reduction, as well as a rich and stimulating exhaust sound.


For more information, pricing and specifications, visit US: www.akrapovic.com or Uk: www.titaniumperformance.co.uk

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