Audi S5 Cabrio by HS Motorsport

HS Motorsport from Eching located near Munich have devised a tuning program for the Audi S5. The HS crew began with the engine and have increased its output. The net result is an output of 375 HP over the standard 333 HP. The maximum torque jumps to 525 Nm from 440 Nm, as well as lifting the Vmax limiter to 290 km/h.

Additional modifications include an exhaust silencer from Cargraphic with four round inclined rolled-in 89 mm exhaust pipes. At present, there is only one version assigned for export. A tested version is currently being prepared for Germany.

Wheels at the front axle are 9×21 inch with 255/30ZR21 tyres and 10,5×21 inch with 295/25ZR21 tyres at the rear axle, which are also produced by Cargraphic. The use of Bilstein thread suspension B16 PSS10 ensures a perfect match with the wheel/tyre combination.

A Brembo brake system with double 380×32 mm brake disks and 6-piston monoblock callipers is also recommended. Various external and interior carbon parts are also available on request. For more information on the HS Audi S5 tuning program, contact

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