Tarox Motorsport 400mm Brake Kit For Audi RS4 B7

Italian braking maestro Tarox has released its most impressive brake kit to date! – a stunningly engineered 400mm 2-piece disc and bell, complete with a SIXTEEN piston caliper. Stopping power of this magnitude is no bad thing when you bear in mind that the lucky recipient of this Italian over-achievement is Audi’s ballistic B7 RS4.

Designed from scratch, each kit is hand-assembled in Tarox’s Italian factory and features some unique design features that set it apart from the competition. Based around the tried-and-tested 16 piston billet calipers, the RS4 kit utilises two 400mm two-piece discs. The rotor is machined from solid billet steel, making for a disc that will withstand much greater heat cycling without distortion. A precision-machined alloy bell features exquisite hexagonal design detailing around its circumference offering stunning good looks allied to improved cooling and heat-loss characteristics. All components bolt to the existing OEM mounts, integrating perfectly with factory ABS systems as a true ‘bolt on’ upgrade.

Owners can choose from either the ‘Strada’ street pad, for all-round ‘press-on’ driving, or for those brave enough to take the AWD powerhouse on track, the ‘Corsa’ circuit-focussed pad provides more than enough retardation to handle even the quickest of tuned machines with a pedal feel and lack of fade that will be familiar to anyone that has raced competitively. Thanks to a reduction in weight over the factory parts, despite the increased disc size, the Tarox kit also assists in reducing unsprung mass.

Many varied anodised colour options are available, allowing owners to choose from subtle black or grey, for those looking to achieve ‘OEM+’ subtlety, or lurid green and red for those that clearly aren’t!

Perfect for cherished show cars and an essential for the track, the complete kit is priced very competitively at £3,995 including VAT and includes all fittings, lines and fluid, ready to be mounted.


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