Neidfaktor Audi A5 custom interior

Neidfaktor presented another great project from one of their customers. The project was based on the Audi A5 with a completely refined interior and it was “The Twisted Seams Project”. For this bespoke interior it was used mainly leather and Alcantara.

Neidfaktor A5 audi interior

Neidfaktor make their customer dreams come true, implementing their customer’s desires, with the help of their expertise. They truly take the cars to another level, beyond the point where many manufacturers reach their limits and where the desire for individuality has to make way for the taste of the majority.

Neidfaktor A5 interior

For this project nearly every single panel in this A5 has been upgraded in one way, shape or form. And from the looks of things, it works quite well, showcasing what the firm is capable of given the right budget.

NNeidfaktor Audi A5

Here are some more pictures of the Neidfaktor Audi A5 where you can confirm Neidfaktor’s know-how.

For more details on the company visit their website:

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