Milltek Launches New Audi Systems at Autosport International

Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek always pulls out the stops for its annual Autosport outing, but this year, the Derbyshire-based firm has been burning the midnight oil to bring no less than three all-new systems to display at the UK’s premier motorsport show amongst many of its other recent designs.

As one of the world’s leading authorities on extracting the best from VW Group cars, it will come as little surprise to discover Milltek’s latest design for the mighty Audi RS4 B8. The most recent incarnation of this incredibly versatile machine uses a powerful 4.2 V8 lump – making it the perfect recipient for Milltek’s unique brand of extraction magic.

Options will be released in phases throughout 2013 with a single cat-back option being the first one offered to customers. Using Milltek’s innovative ‘ValveSonic’ technology, this system features active valves that work with the existing factory vacuum lines to give the car a superb soundtrack and bristling performance.

milltek exhaus system

This system is based around an optimised 2.37 inch / 60.3mm non-magnetic stainless steel construction and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the OEM exhaust trims that are built into the bumper. Prices start from £1678.52 + VAT.

Visit the Milltek stand to see these for yourself.

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