Audi B7 Carbon Fiber Hood

Eurocode Carbon Fiber hood fits all B7 A4, S4 and RS4 cars. It is produced for Eurocode Tuning by Vorsteiner. Vorsteiner’s unique vacuum forming process allows the parts to be up to 60 percent lighter than your stock factory parts for maxmimum performance and balance.

Each and every Vorsteiner part is fully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality before they are delivered to our customers. Eurocode would like to extend this quality to all consumers, and are excited to offer this hood at a great price.

If you are unable to afford the full carbon fiber hood, or are just going to paint the hood, maybe the Vorsteiner Dry Fiber Woven Vacuumed Plastic (DVWP) version is a better option for you.

This newly developed high tech composite production processes is called Dry Vacuumed Woven Plastic (DVWP) to replace wetlay up Fiberglass and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. The Vorsteiner factory utilizes a high compression vacuum method much like the dry carbon fiber production process to produce layers of air tight composite sheets that are impregnated with resins to create a tight and strong chemical bond.

vorsteiner audi

vorsteiner audi

This dry vacuumed Woven plastic is advantageous in many ways to wet lay up fiberglass that typically has a much lower material density (measured by kilos per cubic decimeter) making it much heavier than the new DVWP parts. DVWP also exhibits a higher heat tolerance enabling the material to retain its structural shape and design under high temperature environments and everyday driving conditions.

More information: Eurocode.

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