Adaptive KW coilover technology for new Audi RS3!

The new Audi RS3 receives a great plus of driving pleasure with the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit. The suspension kit also allows to easily adjust the driving behavior of the Audi RS3 via App. The KW DDC App that is compatible with countless smartphones is a great tool for users due to its intuitive ease of use. In addition, the adaptive KW coilover suspension adapts in Comfort mode to the current driving situation. Together with the renowned Audi tuners MTM, the KW test engineers have developed the driving modes Sport and Sports+ for maximum driving dynamics in the Audi RS3. The stainless-steel KW DDC ECU coilover kit allows a continuous lowering of up to 35 mm and is now available.


The current Audi RS3 with its 2,5-liter fife-cylinder turbo and 367 hp is a serious competitor for the BMW M235i, Mercedes-AMG A45, VW Golf R and Co. in the sporty compact car segment. Compared to the conventional A3, the sporty RS3 is already in series lower by 25 mm. And the Audi specialist MTM proofs that there is even more to get out of it. The five-cylinder now delivers 435 hp and the maximum torque is 605 Nm, at the moment MTM is also testing a 502 hp version. To ensure that the driver is not overstrained with this MTM performance explosion, the refiner equipped the car with an adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit. The suspension kit in the Comfort mode automatically adapts to the respective driving situation. Also the two sporty programs Sport and Sport+ of the adaptive KW coilover suspension ensure excellent handling characteristics and vehicle control.

Adaptative KW coilover

KW DDC App: The App for an adaptive driving pleasure

In real time, the KW DDC App allows to intuitively adjust the damping characteristics to the personal driving preferences, loading conditions or to the wheel / tire combination. “With the App, the adaptive dampers of the KW DDC ECU coilover kit can continuously be adjusted per axle from the maximum Comfort with a very soft damping (displayed in the App with 0%) up to the Sport+ damper setup (displayed in the App with 100%)”, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker.

The KW DDC App features a vehicle-specific safety-related control range. In mode Sport+, the KW dampers give the RS3 a direct and unadulterated driving behavior, a setup that is ideal for demanding trips on curvy roads with many load changes. The Sport mode on the other hand is perfect for driving on the highway with long curves; while the Comfort mode is the ideal travel companion on poorly maintained roads. The available presets also allow to store different damper setups for different routes and afterwards to share with friends via email. “In addition, it is possible to set the KW DDC button with the personal damper setups, to easily switch between the personal driving modes.” The communication between smartphone and the KW DDC ECU suspension control takes place via a secured WiFi connection and the optional WLAN module.

The tested lowering range allows an adjustment between 10 – 35 mm, which is set directly on the stainless steel struts at the front axle and via the rear axle height adjustment. The Apple iOS and Android compatible App is available for free in the respective “App-store”.

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