KW Expands Range Of Innovative Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) Kits To Include New Mk2 Audi R8

As if to prove that it’s never happy unless it is busy tinkering and developing, KW Automotive has announced the addition of yet another fitment option to its rapidly expanding range of highly innovative Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) Kits, with offerings for both the Audi R8 V10 and V10 Plus in both ‘regular’ and Audi Magnetic Ride guises available and ready to ship. It’s a significant addition to an already impressively varied line of suspension parts, and one which is sure to find favour with the rapidly growing Audi R8 community.

For far, far too long aftermarket suspension spring kits have remained unchanged in terms of design and function. While undoubtedly a popular product amongst those that value both looks and enhanced handling performance, the nature of the typical lowering spring kit forces potential buyers to select their ride height before even fitting it, opening the way for indecision and, in the worst case scenario, regret. The fact that lowering springs are of a fixed height gives no room for movement or indeed error, and the upshot is that once the kit is installed, that’s it – you’re stuck with that ride height for the foreseeable future.

The above serves to underline just how significant a departure from conventional spring wisdom KW’s HAS kits actually are. Outwardly similar to regular lowering springs, KW’s offering sports an innovatively designed threaded spring perch, a feature which allows for individual height adjustment while the springs themselves are in situ. Clever, KW style engineering ensures that physically toggling the springs (and therefore the car in question’s ride height) is both simple and physically undemanding, which in turn means that owners have a massive amount of control over how their car looks and handles. The Audi R8 kit it especially adaptable, allowing for continuous lowering from 5-25mm in combination with the series dampers, and as much as 0-35mm on cars fitted with Audi Magnetic Ride.

As you would expect of a KW product, all units within the HAS line have been developed specifically for the car which bears their name, which in turn ensures they work with the OEM dampers and other essential suspension and chassis parts. Constructed from chrome-silicone steel, the KW R8 HAS kit has been devised to complement the model’s standard spring and damping rates, which means it doesn’t merely improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the second generation car, it also sharpens handling.

KW has taken the time to develop 2 distinct variants of HAS kit, one for those R8s fitted with electronic dampers, one for those without. Not only does this further underscore the company’s dedication to producing world class suspension products, it means that all R8 owners can benefit from the HAS kit’s myriad abilities, safe in the knowledgeable that they won’t be greeted by a battery of unsightly dash warning lights once they’ve it.

Further evidence of the HAS kit’s capabilities can be found in its toughened construction, proof of its ability to shrug off the very worst that the British weather has to offer. Not only do the springs feature a tough, water-resistant coating that will last for countless thousands of miles, they boast a special dust protection system for the KW supplied bump stops.

A truly groundbreaking product and one which will no doubt have far reaching ramifications for the aftermarket suspension industry, KW’s Height Adjustable Spring kit for the Mk2 Audi R8 represents the ideal chassis upgrade for those owners seeking improved turn in, handling, plus a better overall appearance. It effectively gives owners almost total control over their car’s ride height, and means that they have freedom to make minute adjustments as and when they choose.

£1008.00 – 253100AM – R8s without Audi Magnetic Ride
£1008.00 – 253100AN – R8s with Audi Magnetic Ride

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KW height adjustable springs are now available for the latest Audi R8!

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