Carbon Revolution Announces Bespoke CR-9 Wheels For Audi R8

Without doubt the most important development in the field of automotive wheel technology since, well, the wheel, Carbon Revolution design and manufacturer one-piece carbon fibre wheels for some of the most exclusive performance cars in the world. The latest model to receive bespoke Carbon Revolution hardware is the R8, specifically the first generation Type 48 model.


Launched to much fanfare back in 2006, the R8 garnered praise from all sections of the automotive press thanks to its stunning looks, immense power, and the fact that it genuinely could be driven on a daily basis without breaking a sweat! The R8 has since gone onto become a darling of the aftermarket tuning and motorsport world, and this explains why Carbon Revolution has opted to include the model amongst its first batch of bespoke fitment options.


Custom designed for the Audi R8, the CR-9 bolts into place perfectly and precisely, and entails none of the compromises that are part and parcel of fitting more conventional, alloy aftermarket wheels. An offset that apes that of the factory fitted wheels and ensures that there’s no chance of it fouling the caliper, while a diameter of 19in means that there’s equally no danger of it making contact with the arch under full suspension compression.


Boasting the incredible design features enjoyed by all Carbon Revolution products, the all new Audi R8 fitment CR-9 promises to dramatically cut down on unsprung weight, its one-piece carbon fibre construction weighing in at much less than the OEM wheel. Lighter than any comparable alloy wheel and blessed with huge strength thanks to its unique construction method, Carbon Revolution’s CR-9 represents up to a massive 40% weight saving over an equivalent alloy, and therefore chimes perfectly with the performance ethos underpinning the R8 itself.


Cutting down unsprung weight has obvious performance and handling benefits, all of which will be keenly felt from the driving seat. It’s no exaggeration to say that fitting CR9 wheels has the potential to transform the R8’s chassis, reducing rotational inertia and enabling the car in question to accelerate faster and change direction more precisely.


Away from the obvious performance benefits brought about by the CR-9’s carbon fibre construction, the wheel’s appearance is nothing short of stunning. A timeless, multi-spoked design that calls to mind some of the most iconic cars to ever grace a circuit, and wholly appropriate considering the track-focussed nature of the carbon fibre technology that made it possible.


The launch of the R8 fitment CR-9 truly does mark a turning point for the Wolfsburg supercar, and it’s certainly very good news for those owners that value performance and handling poise above all else. Available in 19in diameter and with an R8-friendly offset, the all new CR-9 is priced as below.


Carbon wheels Price

Retail price for a set of 4 wheels ( all sizes ) £15000 ( including VAT @ 20% )

Additional options;
•Centre lock ( Porsche OEM type ) £1500
•Thermal Barrier Coat £1500 Retail prices are quoted inclusive of VAT @ 20%

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