VF Engineering – 2.0T Silicon Boost Hose Kit

VF Engineering’s 2.0T Boost Hose kit allows you to replace your stock boost hoses and improve reliability. The high strength 5-ply silicon hoses come with a billet quick connect kit. This kit replaces three stock rubber hoses and prepares your engine for higher boost levels. This kit is available in both red or black.

Every aspect of this kit has been fully engineered for high quality fitment and highly demanding performance and expectation. VF’s in-house horizontal, turning and milling CNC’s and plastic molding plant, GIAC’s industry reputation and track record, and Garrett’s reliability have been fully exploited to create a product with internationally un-rivaled material technology, quality, and performance.

The VF-Engineering management and engineering team derive their experience of high performance supercharging since 1996 in the UK. Working on modern sports cars such as Audi, BMW, Lotus, Porsche and VW in joint and proprietary projects and partnerships with firms in the UK, Switzerland and USA has given VF the opportunity to market product in European, USA and world markets.

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