Top-quality alternative to high-price factory-fitted navigation systems

The actual Zenec E>GO generation is being launched with an innovative hard- and software platform and many additional features. For the first time, among the seven new permanently installed in-car navigation systems tailor-made for various car models, there is now also a vehicle-specific naviceiver for the AUDI A4.

The ZE-NC3141D offers multimedia entertainment and navigation comfort at the highest level. The great range of functions and the optimal integration in the AUDI A4 make these E>GO permanently installed navigation systems the ideal aftermarket device to replace

out-dated car radios and navigation systems. Equipped with the very latest features and technologies, the ZE-NC3141D is also a top-quality alternative to high-price factory-fitted navigation systems, which are often developed at the same time as the car model.


Perfect integration in the AUDI A4

Radically simpler integration in the specific target vehicle is what distinguishes the E>GO series: instead of compromises, a specifically designed, perfect system solution. The ZE-NC3141D is visually and technically tailored to the AUDI A4 (B7), and not only because of its construction and the red button illumination. Like every E>GO model, it is no problem at all to integrate it in the radio slot of the target vehicle – no need for additional bezels or adapters. The ZE-NC3141D is linked to the factory installed steering wheel remote controls via the vehicle-specific CAN bus. That’s it – all A/V sources (radio, CD/DVD, MP3, USB) and the hands-free function can be controlled as usual via the steering wheel remote control. The driver information system (FIS) is linked to the E>GO via the CAN bus interface. The display of radio and audio information is then supported.

High performance navigation system

The ZE-NC3141D navigation section offers a fistful of functions. High resolution maps of 43 European countries with Premium POIs, integrated TMC/TMC Pro receiver, Text-to-Speech announcement of street names and the many nav functions make this E>GO the perfect navigator. Naturally, thanks to the Latest Map Guarantee, all your nav data is always kept updated.

The detailed 3D HD rendering of terrain, points of interest and buildings shows the environment as it really is – three dimensional – and helps orientation, especially in big cities. Thanks to realistic displays of freeway interchanges and exits, lane changing and leaving the freeway become even simpler.

For the new E>GO generation, the function package has been substantially expanded. The newly implemented Quick menu gives lightning-fast access to all functions – even making the search for points of interest very much simpler. Shorter and more economic routes can be planned using the Smart or Eco modes of route calculation. In addition, traffic information and advisories are displayed when crossing EU borders, and you receive visual and acoustic speed warnings if the permitted speed limit is exceeded.

With the new E>GO you can import Outlook data using Toolbox and use it for navigation. Updates and additional POIs can easily be downloaded from the Naviextras online portal and installed via USB.

In the centre − the user

Ease of operation also achieves a new level with Zenec’s new E>GO generation. The clearly structured menus of the newly designed GUIs are self-explanatory and intuitive to use. Large control fields and logically structured navigation ensure that the ZE-NC3141D can also be controlled in safety when you are driving. The touch slide function lets you surf through the menus with ease. The features appearing on the navigation main menu can be placed in different positions by dragging. Another very user-friendly feature is the export and import of user settings function: these can be saved on a USB stick and reloaded later.


Total multimedia

For the multimedia part, the new E>GO is perfectly equipped as usual. A built-in CD/DVD drive, a USB port, a connection for an iPod/iPhone as well as an SD/SDHC card reader are provided to playback the latest music and video formats. The ample number of A/V connections – for example, the ZE-NC3141D also has a 4.1 preamp output – enables the connection of further components. External monitors, DVB-T or DAB+ tuner or a rear-view camera can be connected directly to the E>GO and controlled via the fast reaction, high-resolution digital 15.7 cm/6.2” wide VGA touchscreen display.

Hassle-free hands-free BT calling

The Bluetooth suite of the ZE-NC3141D comes from Parrot, leading supplier of hands-free systems worldwide and guarantor for comfortable call handling. With the new search function (up to 15 letters), it is now even simpler to find an entry in large phone books. The Quick-Dial menu allows direct access to five favorite contacts that are easy to edit.

But Parrot also stands for excellent speech quality – either using the integrated microphone or the multi-directional, freely positionable, external microphone supplied. Thanks to the innovative audio DSP, unwanted ambient sounds can be filtered out more efficiently and voices understood more easily.

– 16.5 cm /6,5” 16:9 high definition WVGA TFT LCD display with LED backlight, 800 x 480 pixels
– high resolution „intuitive to use“ HMI (in) for 20 different languages
– playback CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DVD, DVD±R/RW, DVD-MP3, AVI, Xvid, JPEG, H.264
– USB 2.0 port (via Media-Link box)
– SD/SDHC card reader (up to 32 GB)
– Parrot Bluetooth hands-free module: synchronization of up to 1’000 contacts with max. 5 telephone numbers per contact, alphabetical search function for contacts, internal and external microphone, future-proof upgradable Bluetooth firmware
– Made for iPod/iPhone
– FM RDS tuner with 30 station presets (18 FM/12 AM), Best Station Memory (BSM)
– integrated 4 x 50 watts digital amplifier
– Dual Zone function
– Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
– Driver information system (FIS) integration via CAN (audio information)
– Red key illumination
– Theft protection (security code)
– DVB-T ready, DAB+ ready
– 2 x video outputs, 1 x A/V input, 1 x video input for rear view camera with automatic switching, 2-CH preamp line outputs without volume adjustment, 4.1 preamp line outputs (front, rear, subwoofer)
– incl. 2 x IR remote controls, media-link-box, external BT microphone and mounting accessory set

Navigation features
– integrated sat nav system, 3-D high definition navigation for Full-Europe
– 8 GB internal flash memory with maps for 43 Eastern and Western European countries and Premium P.O.I. database
– TMC / TMC Pro receiver
– Text to Speech (TTS) function
– 2-D or 3-D map view with auto-zoom and display of 3-D terrains and 3-D landmarks
– Eco and Smart Route Planning, Smart-Zoom function Outlook address import, Real Junction View and Real Signpost rendering, tunnel mode, display of Driver Alerts, “Where-Am-I” function
– 30 days Latest Map Guarantee
– map updates via the online-portal:

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