Top Gear – AS One and MTM Audi TT Bimoto

The mtm Bimoto, probably the most impressive vehicle produced by mtm, is based on the Audi TT and is equiped with two four cylinder turbo-engine. Even the starting performance makes overwhelming driving powers possible. Because of further engine-modifications together is a maximum 1000 HP possible.

The idea of two engines sounds strange at first, but it has lots of advantages compared with other ideas. To construct a vee eight turboengine for example we would have had to choose a central engine arrangement, which would have required the development of a special and more expensive allroad transmission.

For the drive of his two axles the mtm bimoto has two engines and two transmissions. Below the slightly changed body of the Audi TT hides more than expected at first sight. Both in front and rear every transmission is driven by its own 1.8 l four cylinder turbo-engine. A partition made of carbon including a rear window seperates the maximum two passengers from the second drive unit in the rear. What you can find in it is that almoust every aggregate is doubliced of the front one. Likewise there is a manual six gear transmission installed on the opposite of the driven direction which is driven by a 1.8 l cylinder in almost he same axis of the front part. To make power shiffts possilbe double-clutches-transmissions will be obstructed in the new future. A welded cage stabilises the complete car and includes the both aggregates.

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