Three MTM class victories at Tuner GP on the Hockenheimring

At this year’s Tuner Grand Prix on the Hockenheimring on May 9 and 10, MTM vehicles once again showed their mettle. The Bavarian specialists were represented by six modified Audi vehicles: MTM-Audi A5 Clubsport Diesel (category “Diesel”), RS4 Clubsport (“Limousine”), S1 (“Youngtimer”), S5 GT Supercharged (“Coupé/Cabrio”), S3 Clubsport (“Compact”) and R8 Supercharged (“GT Class”).

MTM took the first place in each category with the first three mentioned. Florian Gruber drove both the A5 Clubsport Diesel and RS4 Clubsport. Dieter Heubacher took gold with the S1. Rudolf Brandl in the S5 GT Supercharged and S3 Clubsport reached third place in the categories “Coupe/Cabrio” and “Compact”. On top of this the R8 Supercharged emerged as the fastest R8 derivative as Florian Gruber impressively demonstrated.

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