The super station wagon – the ABT RS6

Following the last article from the Audi RS6 Tuner battle, here is some information on the ABT RS6. How do you get the superlative of the word “car”? The answer is easy and still impressing: car – fast car – ABT RS6, as ABT Sportsline has set a unique benchmark in engineering: thanks to ABT Power the V10 TFSI delivers 700hp (515kW) – and that makes the RS6 a real super sportscar in an elegant but very useful clothing.

For comparison: the serial RS6 achieves 580hp (426kW). The “station racecar” displays its maximum torque of enormous 800Nm (series: 650Nm) between 2400 and 6100 rpm. What does that mean? The ABT RS6 is at any time and in any situation a superior vehicle with an engine that belongs to the extremely fast ones thanks to its top speed of 310 km/h. Of course the currently most dynamic one of ABT Sportsline’s car creations is easy to steer through daily traffic. The driver should, however, contain his leadfoot: beware when the ABT RS6 is unleased…

Suspension springs and lowering provide for optimal road holding; Christian Abt has checked the tuning with his legendary “buttometer” and has had a whole lot of fun: “The RS6 is breathtakingly fast; it shows how perfectly knowledge in the field of engine technology and racing experience blend together.” Also when it comes to the body kit, both parts of the company – motorsports and car tuning – work closely together. So the rear wing is not only a beautiful add-on part for the super station wagon, it also reduces the lift of the bodywork. Striking style elements are the front spoiler, a highly dynamic “carbon-blade” and the 4-pipe-rear muffler typical for ABT in matt black finish. The dynamic BR wheel rim in extravagant 20 inches suits the Allgäu super station wagon particularly well. This makes the RS6 look very sporty and unique; still, the agile 700hp are not too apparent: the ABT RS6 is surrounded by an air of understatement, as its spectacular riding qualities only show on the road. The RS6 is a benchmark set by ABT Sportsline.

ABT RS6 – data and facts

Engine: V10 TFSI, 4991cc engine capacity
Performance upgrade: ABT Power
Performance: 700hp/515kW (series: 580hp/426kW)
Rated torque: 800Nm between 2400 and 6100 rpm (series: 650Nm between 1500 and 6250 rpm)
Top speed: 310km/h (series: 250km/h, limited)

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