The new PPI “Extreme Winter” RAZOR GTR

When the inventor of the Tornado Move, the DJ, the Hexo, and the Kangaroo Flip is not spending his time airborne at some of the world’s most challenging mountains, he is spending the additional 300 days on the road traveling to them.
Jon Olsson demands excellence from everything around him, and when not finding it to his precise standards, he creates the company to make the product he desires. So when he was looking for a car that would meet his demanding standards, and one that was equally exciting to drive, he turned to PPI Automotive Design GmbH in Stuttgart Germany, an exclusive tuner of Audi Automobiles.

The result is a truly unique, one-off masterpiece. The all wheel drive “extreme winter” supercar was completely re-engineered to suit Jon’s personal tastes. No details were left out.

PPI GTR jon olson

Power and Weight, unleashed with Carbon Fiber.
The car started life as an Audi R8 with 10 cylinders, and was transformed into a PPI Razor GTR, starting with the removal and replacement of every body panel with 600 gram heavy weave Carbon Fiber. Even the glass was replaced with lightweight racing-grade Makrolon Glass.

The result makes a statement that Jon is known for by all his rivals. With a car that is wider even than the Audi R8 LMS race car or the 2 million euro Bugatti Veyron, the PPI Razor GTR’s presence is unmistakable, stunning, and functional.

What would cause world famous freestyle and alpine ski racer,
Jon Olsson to use such expletives when he received his PPI Razor GTR, that all we can quote is: “Holy @#$%ing $#!* @#$%ing $#!* @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ?

An addition of PPI’s power upgrade kit will bring this stallion to well over 600 horses! (a total of 611 PS to be precise). That, coupled with the weight savings from the Carbon Fiber body and lightweight interior components, brings the power-toweight ratio inline with the Audi R8 LMS racecar.

Skibox, re-engineered.
Every car produced at PPI Design Automotive GmbH is unique, and Jon’s “extreme winter” supercar is no exception. Special one-off items like the unique full carbon fiber skibox specially molded to the roof of the PPI Razor GTR and optimized for top speed driving. Inside, the box is lined at the leading and trailing edge with specialized diamond Alcantara lining, and includes LED lighting, and a secondary power supply with an integrated outlet for use with supplied carbon-look ski boot heaters (also integrated into the front car boot for additional heating).

PPI GTR jon olson

Body Protection
Jon Olsson knows the importance of protection while in competition. His car is no different. In addition to the heavy weave Carbon Fiber, the car has been painted with no less than 10 layers of coating. Even the foil decals used on the car are specially made 3-layer metallic chrome red foil. And since we know there is no terrain that Jon does not like to tackle, including snow-covered roads, PPI reinforced the lower valence of the car, allowing Jon to have confidence while using his car to plow through the snow. Also, the PPI engineered hydraulic lift system, was added both front and rear, for performance driving that requires a little more clearance.

Personal Touches, the interior – Custom made, Custom tailored, Custom fitted.
There is no part of the car that is more personal than the interior. Jon worked closely with PPI Design to come up with an interior that completely matched his sense of style without compromising functionality.

The entire interior was re-styled, re-done, and re-leathered. All aluminum and plastic was removed and replaced with Alcantara or carbon fiber. The only plastic remaining were the speaker grills, but even those were painted matte black to blend in better with the black and red interior and eliminate unwanted reflection. Jon’s sports logo was also incorporated onto the seats and carbon fiber threshold plates.

PPI GTR jon olson

The custom, specially designed, PPI steering wheel, was molded to Jon’s needs, trimmed in Carbon Fiber, and fitted with Alcantara and leather. The downside is that the result feels so good, we are sure he will hate letting go!
Jon Olsson also opted for full lightweight components in the interior. This included lightweight racing seats specially tailored to his exact design. Extra lumbar and lateral support were added to insure that, while off the slopes, he is not exerting himself and can relax in comfort. The result was a carefully crafted seat, with a weight savings of an additional 36.8kgs (81 lbs).

To finish the interior off, PPI Automotive Design created a lightweight aluminum plaque mounted to carbon fiber detailing the build, the year, and the model designation with custom artwork specifically done to showcase the car’s custom ski box and particular owner.

Bespoke Automobiles, PPI “Individuality Made for One”, …you.
PPI Automotive Design makes cars that make even limited-edition cars look “massproduced.” After several inquiries from clients around the world, PPI is opening up its talent and knowhow to accommodate anyone with the need for something unique that makes a statement about their individuality … We invite you to come to us with your special needs.

PPI GTR jon olson

Unlimited Details. Unlimited Imagination….Whether you need 18kt gold foil on the outside of your vehicle or all aluminum parts made with pure platinum, Alligatorskinned seats? Ostrich leather? Custom Matte vehicle painting? Rare woods, rare fabric, and rare metals? 18kti gold-plated Carbon Fiber? Or even bio-safe and ecofriendly materials.

Whatever your desire is, PPI Automotive Design will make it work for you.

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