The most powerful series diesel in the world has surpassed itself

A diesel with 1200 Newton metres of torque and 560 HP (412 kW)? Even though the figures might suggest otherwise, ABT Sportsline is by no means now consorting with the manufacturers of heavy truck engines. The world`s largest tuner of vehicles from the Volkswagen group has merely made it its business to take the most powerful car diesel engine of all times, built in the Audi Q7, and squeeze even more power out of it.

Although the over five metres long SUV, with its standard 500 HP (368 kW) and 1000 Newton metre torque, is already a trump card which slots into any quartet. Within the scope of their “armament program” ABT POWER, the Bavarian company, has saddled it with real power, so that now when the driver puts the accelerator down a surge of HP and torque is set into motion, which even many sports cars would struggle to keep up with. For clarification: with its 6-gear tip-Tronic the 2.6 tonne vehicle slingshots itself on 100 km/h from standing in just 5.3 seconds and reaches 258 km/h.

The performance curves gain as much importance as the top values, from which it is soon clear that the additional HP has not been achieved at the cost of exorbitant revolution speed, but is available just as early as in the series standard – at 3750 rpm.

ABT Sportsline of course offers a large selection of light-alloy wheels in sizes of up to 22 inch for the AS7 with the most powerful diesel engine of all time. Right in accordance with the motto “powerful engine – powerful design”.

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