The Audi S5 Cabriolet performed by Cargraphic

The 245 kW / 333 hp strong Audi S5 Cabriolet with the V6 engine receives new “special equipment” from Cargraphic and only a true saint could hold back from roaring away with this beauty. The new sonorous left-right stainless steel exhaust system from the German customiser offers four pipes that fill the air with such a sinful purr, it will not just be the passengers who get goosebumps. Regarding acoustics, even the eight-cylinder S5 Coupé won’t be better. If necessary, Cargraphic, with their long-standing traditions (they celebrate their 25-year anniversary in 2010), will offer an appropriately “tuned” exhaust for all A5 and S5 pilots.

For many years, their production has been carried out exclusively in their own factory in England, using only stainless steel that also meets the demands of the aviation industry.

Because of their hand-worked precision and craftsmanship, the Cargraphic alloy wheels are a match in heaven for the Audi Nimbus. The customiser does not have its rims produced by a contractor, being one of the few companies in their field to use their own modern assembly line. For the A5 and S5, there are many design choices: the 21-inch wheel Cargraphic Sport e.g. offers something fresh for the stylish Audi. The massive-looking (but lightweight) three-piece with the classic U and Y spokes is made in Germany, down to the last screw. A highlight is the colour contrast between the casted centre in silver, and the polished stainless steel outer wheel, which also provides collision protection. For those who want something unique, all components also come in any coating of choice. A fresh-air sports car like the S5 cabriolet is much too good to just use for show. The evocative-looking compressor engine longs to be driven. While the speed when driving in a straight line is mostly due to the horses under the hood, the chassis usually limits how fast it can go around corners.


But you will get unlimited driving pleasure from the B16 PSS10 coilover suspension, built with the greatest diligence and skilful design coordination by Cargraphic, the official BILSTEIN chassis experts. In addition to these ultimate solutions in driving pleasure, Cargraphic offers also a pure spring kit. The car is lowered by about 25 mm, so that the visual effect is not underestimated: The flat, sleek carriage of the S5 or A5 cabriolet is displayed the optimum.

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