Tarox Uprated Disc and Pad kit for the Audi S1

Italian braking specialist Tarox has announced a useful braking upgrade for Audi’s latest pocket-rocket, the S1. Although many enthusiasts will know the Tarox brand from its ultra-high performance range of ‘Big Brake’ kits, not all will know about the Italian firm’s class-leading range of uprated disc and pad set-ups that offer direct replacements to the OEM parts – but with significantly greater performance and much less tendency to fade.

Each of the discs are CNC machine-faced and then hand-finished for the perfect braking surface, down to a tolerance of 0.015mm, not only resulting in stunning performance, but also the perfect appearance, to accentuate the overall look of the car. Each disc undergoes a structural stress-relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining cycle which increases durability and massively reduces the risk of warping under repeated heavy braking.

Three styles are available. The OEM-esque ‘Zero’ with its factory good looks, the diagonally vented ‘G88’, the JDM inspired ‘Sport Japan’ and the classic, spirally grooved ‘F2000’.

The perfect discs need the perfect pads, and here Tarox have provided the perfect solution, too. Tarox’s own Strada pads offer OEM characteristics, but with much high levels of retardation and zero fade even under heavy, repeated braking. For those venturing out on track, the Corsa pad upgrade gives even more bite and higher temperature handling ability.


Nothing increases driver confidence like a set of consistent, big-hitting brakes, so if you want to increase safety – or decrease lap times – and don’t want the expense of a full big brake kit, then these are the perfect upgrade for any S1.

For more information, or to order, please click to www.tarox.co.uk

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