Tarox Releases 385mm 12-Pot Brake Kit for Audi RS3

Italian braking legend Tarox has released details of a beautifully engineered kit for Audi’s hottest of hot-hatches, the RS3. With an impressive spec-sheet to more than match the RS’s considerable power, the new Tarox kit offers exceptional braking performance combined with stunning good looks.

At the heart of this new upgrade package are some rather special 385mm discs. Their two-piece construction isn’t just for visual effect, with the separate CNC-machined bell ensuring greater heat dissipation and reducing the chances of warping, even under heavy track or even motorsport use. The discs are machined from a solid billet and have been designed to have exceptionally high tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength for these discs is rated at an impressive 57kg per square mm. To put this figure in perspective, the industry standard even for racing spec discs is usually 38 kg per square mm and the CEE standard U.T.S. is 25kg per square mm. So these are over-engineered by a factor of over 200%! This translates into a service life that is double that of most normal discs.

Providing the clamping power for these sublime discs are a brace of B400RT 12 piston calipers, which effectively, from an engineering standpoint are two 6-pot calipers working precisely in unison, featuring 4 pads per caliper. Combined with the highly effective Corsa brake pads, they can exert simply ridiculous clamping forces onto the disc surface, with no hint of fade or fatigue, even under repeated heavy braking.

Care was taken throughout the design process to ensure that this new kit, despite its considerably larger discs and calipers, could still fit within the OEM 19” wheels. The RS3 is well known for being hard on its discs even in standard trim, and with so many examples being tuned and improved, it’s easy to see how the Tarox kit can make life better – and safer- for the discerning owner. Better yet, thanks to Tarox’s insistence on only selecting the highest quality materials in the production of the kit, overall mass is no more than the units it replaces, despite the immense difference in size and performance!


As with all Tarox ‘Big Brake’ kits, all mounting hardware and fixings are included, as are competition-quality braided lines and brake fluid. In short, everything is there to make any RS3 safer and more enjoyable to drive at the limit. This kit is highly advisable on any road-going RS3, but a performance essential on any tuned or track-driven example.

For more information, please click to en.tarox.com

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