Suspension optimization for the new Audi A4 station wagon

The fifth series of the Audi A4 station wagon (B9) once again proofs that fancy station wagons are called Avant. From now on, the height-adjustable KW coilover springs are available for the A4 station wagon with all engine types. Compared to conventional springs, the KW spring kits allow a continuous lowering, similar to coilover kits. When installing, the series springs are replaced by KW springs with level control. Afterwards, in combination with the series dampers, an individual lowering can be adjusted within the tested adjustment range of 20 – 45 mm. With conventional springs, this would not be possible. The spring rates harmonize with all driving modes of the optional Audi comfort suspension with damper regulation in the A4 station wagon.


The KW springs, manufactured from high-strength chrome-silicon steel, with height adjustment, vehicle-specific KW dust protection elements and bump stops offer the unique opportunity to extend the standard suspension in the Audi A4 station wagon (B9) with the advantages of a continuously level control. Similar to a coilover kit, an attractive lowering can be adjusted after installation, for example to emphasize the sporty appearance of the station wagon. “Our components are designed for a maximum lowering in combination with the standard suspension and also the optional Audi comfort suspension with adaptive damping control”, explained KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker.


The great advantage of KW coilover springs compared to conventional lowering springs is the possibility to make an individual lowering at any time. With regular springs, this would not be possible. “For example, after installation of new wheels, a lowering within the tested adjustment range of 20 – 45 mm can be set via the height adjustment.” In every specialized workshop, authorized workshop and at tire dealers, service technicians are able to replace the series springs by the KW coilover springs in a short time. By the easy installation of the springs with their height adjustment and the precision-fit dust protection elements, the KW coilover springs are also ideal for leased vehicles as they can be removed fast and easy.


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