STaSIS releases new Audi B8 Suspension Kit

STaSIS, the tuning force behind some of the World’s most finely-fettled Audis, has released a bespoke suspension solution for all A4 and A5 Audi models – as well as their sportier ‘S’ derivatives. Based around a class-leading Öhlins racing damper and using Eibach’s award-winning ERS springs, this stunningly engineered suspension package is ideal for those that wish to balance road and track performance.

The brief from STaSIS’ engineering team from the outset was to create an enhancement package that would be a direct ‘bolt-on’ replacement for the OEM parts. The damper bodies are of a lightweight monotube design and feature carbon-steel for a long and durable life. The front units feature height adjustment on the units themselves, while the rears feature an adjustable spring perch to allow for fine-tuning of ride height. The damping rate has been carefully pre-set for each application, needing no further adjustment. Being of a classic ‘De Carbon’ design, with a dividing piston to keep the internal nitrogen and damping fluid separate, The STaSIS units avoid cavitation under repeated deflection, ensuring consistent damping rates under harsh track or road use.

Although the range of available ride heights makes for a nicer looking Audi, the real motivation behind this new stance and damping ability is improved roll stiffness. In STaSIS’ own skidpan tests, lateral G-load was improved by 19%, front roll stiffness was increased by around 50% and the rear by around 140%. When combined with the optional rear anti roll bar, the recipient car can be dialled-in to become totally neutral, banishing understeer to a distant memory.

The inclusion of Eibach springs in this sublime package highlights the desire of the STaSIS technical team to use only the finest components in its construction. Cold wound, pre-stressed, shot-peened and powder coated, these springs come from the same production line as Eibach’s F1, WRC, BTCC and NASCAR springs – and it shows. Running a combination of a linear main spring and shorter tender spring to give a degree of progression, the pairing is the perfect compromise to make the car compliant enough for comfortable road driving, yet precise enough for rewarding track work.

The kit contains everything needed for a simple and straightforward fit, including all aluminium and stainless steel mounting hardware, upper spring seats and a pair if adjustment spanners. For more details, click to or call 01327 301901.

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