STaSIS & MAHLE Powertrain Bring It to the Streets

STaSIS Audi TT Turbo Following three successful seasons in the Speed World Challenge, STaSIS Engineering and partner MAHLE Powertrain are taking their knowledge to the streets. A new 2.0TFSI turbo upgrade marks the duo’s first collaboration on street-packaged, race-engineered aftermarket components.

Engineered to maintain original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integrity and complete with a 1-year/ 15,000 mile warranty, the turbo upgrade will set a new standard for the aftermarket. Currently available for A3 and TT models equipped with the 2.0TFSI engine, the turbo is the initial product in a series that promises big power for Audi models ranging from the A3 to the venerable R8.

“MAHLE’s experience in racing and reputation for reliable, high-power engine technology has been invaluable to our racing efforts,” STaSIS Engineering president Paul Lambert said. “Bringing reliability and unmatched power delivery to the aftermarket is the next logical step in our partnership with MAHLE Powertrain.”

In an industry where reliability often comes second to power gain, the STaSIS turbo upgrade stands apart. Uniquely designed for compatibility with OEM components, the upgrade delivers a substantial increase in power without excessive engine wear.

STaSIS’ 1-year/15,000 mile warranty is unprecedented in the VW/Audi aftermarket segment. Warranty coverage includes all engine components, from intake to flywheel. According to Lambert, STaSIS’ confidence in the upgrade is backed by extensive life cycle testing, as well as MAHLE Powertrain’s commitment to design within OEM component limitations.

STaSIS turbo

STaSIS turbo

The upgraded turbo and accompanying hardware push the 2.0TFSI engine to 300hp/290lb-ft, up from the 200hp/207lb-ft stock configuration. Unique twin flow turbine housing provides quicker spool up, resulting in power gains across the RPM range.

In recent competition, a 2008 MkII TT equipped with the STaSIS turbo upgrade out ran competition that had 650hp. On the streets of Willow Springs raceway, the TT outperformed overblown tuner packages by delivering seamless, user-friendly power at all engine speeds.

Upgrades can be installed at certified STaSIS installation centers from coast to coast. Installers are reviewed annually and must be certified in order to provide the product warranty. In another aftermarket industry first, customers can have a ‘drive before you buy’ experience with limited demo models available at certified installation centers.

Technical Specifications
STāSIS’ Power Kit minimizes turbo lag by replacing the OEM turbocharger with a larger, more efficient assembly. Use of pulse matching technology, like that found in twin scroll designed turbochargers, allows higher air flow rates at lower engine speeds. High flow fuel injectors allow sustained wide open throttle use and a redesigned diverter valve provides long life under high temperature conditions.

included in the kit:
• State-of-the-Art turbine design
• High-flow Fuel Injectors
• Redesigned diverter valve
• ECU Upgrade
• STaSIS Silicone Hoses
• All gaskets & hardware included

For more information, visit or contact STaSIS directly at 888-9-STaSIS.

About MAHLE Powertrain
MAHLE Powertrain has a long history of excellence in motorsports and street automobiles. Cosworth Technologies, founded in 1958, was acquired in 1998 by Audi AG to develop original equipment engines for Audi models such as the RS4 and RS6. In early 2005, the MAHLE Group of Stuttgart , Germany acquired Cosworth Technologies from Audi AG and later that year renamed the group MAHLE Powertrain.

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