STaSIS Forged Alloy Wheel Programme

STaSIS, the tuning force behind some of the World’s most finely-fettled Audis, has released a stunning range of 19”, 20” and 21” forged wheels to suit many late-model Audis and VW Group cars.

As the ultimate expression of strength and beauty each wheel is forged with over 300 tons of pressure using heat-treated 6061 aluminium alloy. STaSIS forged wheels are extremely lightweight and strong thanks to the forging process producing an enhanced metallurgical grain structure, increasing density while maintaining a high level of elasticity and toughness that allows the wheel to bend rather than crack under punishing conditions. Not only does this provide superior control of the tyre contact patch, but this hardy nature means that STaSIS forged wheels are safer and more cost effective when used in challenging or track-focussed environments.


The high-density aluminium structure allows STaSIS forged wheels to be 27 percent lighter than cast wheels of the same size. By reducing unsprung weight on each corner of the vehicle compared to the equivalent cast wheel, vehicle performance and driver feedback are improved, decreasing braking distances, improving acceleration and reducing inertia in every plane.


STaSIS FD11 forged wheels come in 19”, 20” and 21” sizes, ranging from 9” to a massive 12” wide. Essential for any track or fast road car, they also make a stunning fashion statement on any Audi or 5×112 PCD VW Group vehicle.

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