STaSIS B8 390mm Brake Systems

Serial US Audi tuner STaSIS has joined forces with VAG maestros Revo, meaning that all of the superbly-engineered tuning lines from the American firm can now be brought over here, with full UK back-up, advice and aftercare.

Among the most eagerly awaited enhancements are the STaSIS brake upgrade kits – the daddy of which you see here in all of its 390mm brilliance. Designed, engineered and manufactured in collaboration with Alcon to STaSIS’ exacting race-driven standards, this big brake kit conversion is an essential for those drivers looking to stretch the legs in their performance-tuned Audi vehicles.

Based on a race-derived 6-piston monobloc caliper, the kit uses 2-piece floating rotors in order to handle exceptionally high temperatures, while offering a consistent pedal feel and retardation. Everything needed is included in the kit, including stainless-steel brake lines, high-performance road/track brake pads, 5.1 race spec brake fluid and all mounting hardware. A wide range of pads in differing road and race compounds are also available as service replacement items or upgrades.

Tested and proven on the infamous Nordschleife, the STaSIS 390mm kit offers race-ready braking performance combined with a sensible pad compound suitable for everyday driving, with a cold biting point that means they work from the very first application. Everyday performance? Absolutely!

The STaSIS 390mm conversion is the perfect foundation for all future tuning work and a great improvement in active safety.

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